Four free readings (CLOSED)

I’m giving out four free card readings. First come, first serve. One question per reading, the reading will take place in this thread (no PMs). No channelings of spirits. No guarantee that you will like the answers. I will take care of your readings today and tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I would like a forecast of how next year 2023 could be for me, this year is already ending and hopefully the next one can be much better!

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@Fer10 :heavy_check_mark:

Three spots left.

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I would like a reading on what future holds for me.

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@ARD :heavy_check_mark:
Two spots left

What will the rest of this month have in store for me?

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One spot left

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I’ll get one. Thanks! What lesson must I learn?

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@Splug :heavy_check_mark:
All spots taken, I will get to all of your readings soon :slight_smile:

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Since 2022 is still filled with many days to come (and therefore full with variables yet to consider) I’ve tried to pinpoint down the “main topics” that will define your 2023 :slight_smile:

The main tone of this reading is about profound change/transformation (Knight of Swords, Ansuz, Eihwaz). Something will sweep you off your feet for a brief period of time, it will probably suck a bit but it will help you out of a really unhealthy situation/connection to something for the better.

The Wedding card can symbolize attachments of any kind (like a relationship to a partner or a workplace contract or being attached to a place. Basically everything that interconnects you to something or someone on a deeper level), the Kipper Card “Sorrow and Unpleasantness” clarified the nature of this connection. Its a connection that makes you unhappy. Since the Ten of Cups in reverse came out in this reading I would tend to an unhappy relationship towards a person or a group of people (like family or friends, something thats usually a symbol for emotional safety and acceptance). The Queen of Wands in reverse is telling me about this relationship being of a manipulative and pushy/bully-ish nature, when it comes to the person(s) involved. This is the source of your unhappiness with this attachment.

The Four of Pentacles in reverse, the House in Combination with the Whip and the Fish are all pointing towards someone who tries to “squeeze” you for more and more of what you’re able to give to them. You are giving them freely all you can offer but its not enough for them and they try to argue with you over the worth of your offerings (it feels really material wise), the Queen of Wands in reverse is a pushy and ungrateful character here. Fish and Dog are emphasizing on this “material offerings = appreciation” mindset, as well.

The good news: You are able to leave this attachment. Stork and House are pointing towards a physical movement, like changing living places. It seems to contribute to the necessary mental detachment to this situation :slight_smile: The Ten of Swords in reverse are telling me that you WILL come out of this, things WILL get better after this. The Knight of Swords came out together with the Nine of Swords: this deep unhappiness (Kipper Card “Sorrow”!) will dissolve into a bigger transformation. Eihwaz promises you that this transformation will be eased, Ansuz encourages you to embrace this transformation.

Two cards are giving me a glimpse into the aftermath of this transformative process: you will be able to shed the old you (Four of Pentacles in reverse) like dead skin. The Rumi card “You, who show the way” is telling me that you’ll be able to inspire other people around you with the experiences you’ve gathered in this process (Ansuz, again). The Four of Pentacles in reverse adds to this theory: you are able to give to others, who are in a similar situation. You’re about to become a “light of hope”, if we want to get into the really corny lingo :smiley:

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@ARD , @Geminikitten and @Splug I have finished your readings and will write them out tomorrow. I am dealing with a sudden case of man cold in this household and its currently binding my attention to stuff like being a nurse, a doctor and a priest in one person :sweat_smile: Please bear with me, I will finish it tomorrow!


I am patient, take your time.

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No problem. I would rather wait than deal with the dreaded man cold :joy: :rofl:


No problem Take your own time .

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Hi @ARD, I haven’t set a timeframe or a context for “the future” :slight_smile: I tried to pick up on the most dominant or pressing topics that will become important for you and how to navigate them. Lets see what we’ve got :slight_smile:

Right off the bat I would say that there are two distinct topics coming up in your future: community and fears.

I drew the Nauthiz rune in merkstave (I placed it upside down to emphasize on this); together with the Wheel of Fortune in reverse and the Eight of Swords you will battle with anxiety/fears over external forces out of your control (the classical “misfortune”, so to speak). I get a sense of helplessness coming from you (Eight of Swords). “How am I supposed to deal with this/to fix this?” The Snake and the Mountain and the Crossroad are telling me that a certain problem might last for a while; Page of Pentacles and Crossroad might point towards a career/wealth based delay. The world of finances is currently going haywire and it will probably stay a bit like this before it gets better. The Wheel of Fortune in reverse is emphasizing that these circumstances are REALLY out of your control and that you should not beat yourself up over it. The Oracle card “Perspective” asks you to see this problem from the “everything is a bit upside down for everyone” point of view; it will help you to get away from the Eight of Swords/Nauthiz in merkstave mindset of being trapped in this situation. I quote Highschool Musical here: "We’re all in this together :dancer:t2: :man_dancing:t2: "

The “Healing” oracle card fell out together with the “Endurance” card when I asked for clarification on this; waiting things out will aid you more than losing yourself in apocalyptic visions about your situation :slight_smile:

Crossroad and Bouquet right in between the block of the Mountain and the lush Garden card is telling me about a positive longterm outcome, so no worries.

Apparently the community aspect of your future will also help you with literally moving on from this; Kipper cards 9 and 7 are telling me about a relocation connected to this. Pleasant news will lead to a new home :slight_smile: The Garden card is pointing towards a new and welcoming environment, we also have the Ten of Cups and the Three of Pentacles. You will find people along this upside down events who are working optimistically and determined towards a mutual goal. The Page of Pentacles is weighing in with a solid new start; you’re probably working together with this community on the very foundation of this new start :slight_smile:

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One card spread (and one cat hair) about important things that will come up in the month of October :slight_smile:

This month is standing in the sign of putting thoughts into action and to regain control again :slight_smile:

Kipper card number 16 (“His thoughts”, although its not bound to a gender!) describes a situation where your thoughts are involved but not necessarily your deeds (or rather: your actions doesn’t match up with whats on your mind). It also describes a certain lack of confidence when it comes to put your plans into tangible movements. The month of October seems to be about to break this pattern :slight_smile:

The Empress in reverse is emphasizing on this lack of confidence; now the “Old Woman” card came up, seemingly at random. In combination with the Page of Swords in reverse, the Ten of Cups in reverse, the Tree, the Whip and the Clover this lack of confidence seems to be connected to a female authority (or judgemental) figure in your life. Someone who is supposed to make you feel safe instead of tearing you down. It could be your mother or another older family member who planted a seed of not trusting your own capabilities in early age; it could be an older coworker or a superior who is giving you rather malicious or hurtful feedback about your performance or it could be a toxic friend who is subjecting you to overly sarcastic and mean remarks when you are voicing your thoughts or opinions about something. This kind of judgement is leaving you with a feeling of not being “adequate” or enough, which numbs your intuiton and your ideas and wishes about things down. If its not a female person, this person could utilize “typical female” approaches to hurt you, if you know what I’m referring to :slight_smile:
Letter and Tower are asking you to communicate and establish your boundaries in such a case :+1:t2:

The Seven of Cups in reverse is inviting you to take a closer look on your thoughts and wishes: which of them are ready to be translated into actions rather than daydreams? Be realistic but don’t cut your own abilities down right from the start! Kenaz and Ehwaz are are telling me that you ARE able to transform your visions into reality with your own knowledge, your focus and your determination :slight_smile: You’re about to learn how to let go of that negativity that feeds the pattern of “not enough”, Nine of Swords in reverse.

The oracle card “Leadership” wants you to take control of the events around you, to grasp opportunities presented to you and to not shy away from them because someone or something is telling you that you are not “enough” for this.
Clover and Letter are talking about a positive feedback or message connected to this endeavour (for example being accepted into a new job or position or being accepted into the next higher education system/degree).

So thats roughly what October has in store for you, if you’ll let it :fallen_leaf:

Lets see…

The reading is splitting the lesson into two lessons. I’d like to point out that you’re having two Suns in two different card systems in this spread. I would take it as a hint that you are invited to utilize solar energies or solar spirits to help you out with your lessons :slight_smile:

The first lesson is about allowing yourself to actually enjoy and nurture your physical life (Bouquet, Tree and Sun). It seems as if your mind has been a bit untethered or detached from your physical experiences in this world, lately. This detachment made you lose control over tangible directions in your life to some extent (The Chariot in reverse); the Chariot in reverse together with the Ace of Swords is asking you to take this control back by putting your focus on a project or a plan that involves both, body and mind. The Empress indicates that its time to give life to yourself, here (and to nurture yourself, while you’re at it). The Three of Wands would like to chime in on this: put yourself out there, experience your life instead of only thinking about it. The Sun indicates that you will find a whole new form of freedom and “true self” if you allow yourself to be a conscious part of your own experience.

For the first lesson I drew an affirmation card: its the Four of Pentacles and it comes with this prompt: “I value my success, but treasure what is truly valuable (like things that have no monetary value). The universe sure loves irony.”

The second lesson is about your feelings towards some kind of malice or ill will that has been inflicted on you by the hand of another person (symbolized by Abaddon in this Oracle card). Whip and Coffin are telling me about some kind of inner turmoil or destruction that is still sitting inside of you like an old and festering thorn that is connected to this. Coffin and Bouquet are asking you to literally bury this old grudge (just like a coffin gets lowered into the earth :slight_smile: ) and to recover from it.

I’ve decided to pull an Archeo card for this lesson in order to activate and cultivate your natural inner “hero” to deal with this memory and the feeling connected to it :slight_smile: I drew the Lion:
"If you can convince him to be with you, you will also learn to temper your spurious inclinations, and if circumstances demand it, you’ll be able to call upon his massive strength and ferocity. But he’s not your pet: his noble heart exists to protect the abused and misused, and he abhors the cruelty of self-serving authority.

The Lion has learned to tame the youthful inclinations that once led him to waste his power. Instead, through resolve and self- restrained, he has harnessed his stamina. Merely watching his massive shoulder blades rising and falling like pistons informs you of the force contained within his frame. Noble of heart and slow to stir, the lion is for the most part passive, but when provoked he becomes a formidable force. When rampant his will is uncontainable, and he will snap any chains placed upon him as if they were a cotton thread. If you are able to convince the lion to accompany you, his presence will give you great security. However, you must never take him for granted. While he will defend you against threats, he is principally there to protect the abused and those oppressed by authoritarian misrule"

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Read, thank you so much! I will study this more later.

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