Foundational Method To Work Upon For Successful Magical Endeavor

Hello everybody greetings,

I was assigned to write this thread in behalf through what I have discovered so far reading a thread that there’s something foundational workings to integrate with for a more successful Magick or ultimate efficiency in any Magical workings I’ve read recently that lusting for results are sure fire to worsen or would hinder the manifestation so I’ve stumbled across a method to banish this blockage towards the mind because mind is the one who’s the proponent for any kind of blockage.

I would like to ask anybody which would be the best foundational go through for successful workings consistently because I think there’s some foundation behind any structure to build things in a successful way aside from banishing blockage like lust for results is there any way to maximize any Magical potencies?

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I would say pick a current and follow it all the way through. They all have foundations, some better explained than others.

As far as training with full explanations and nothing missing, I believe EA Koetting’s black magick course provides a really good foundation and then also takes you further. It think it was specifically designed to do this. EAs system is based in western ceremonial magick but without any fluff.

For myself I am still using the predecessor of the black magick and omni series courses, the published Mail order course in the book Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis.