Found out I’m pregnant under concerning circumstances following Sallos evocation

Erm, I evoked Sallos five weeks ago to introduce myself and request assistance in return for offerings. He came to me via in sleep paralysis the following morning and said he would help me in return for sex. I woke up as this was going to happen/started to happen. It was weird. Hard to explain. Anyway, when I awoke my then boyfriend (not the subject of my request) called to break up with me! I had slept with the boyfriend the night previous and biologically the only time conception would be plausible. Confirmed pregnant on Sunday. 36 years old and never been caught before. The ex is in his 50s. Still in shock and then I remember the sequence of events. Am I paranoid or…? I don’t want to keep it but don’t want to piss any Dukes off! Advice please!

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You didn’t agree to carry the child, only to have sex. Ergo, I dont see any reason why you couldn’t get an abortion.


Don’t kill our Antichrist.


I was hoping for that reply!

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Only you know what to do for sure. Was your ex partially possessed when it happened?


No, not at all. The least spiritually inclined person in the world in any way. He wouldn’t have knowledge of my ritual and wouldn’t waste my time discussing anything in that regard with him. Just weird it was within the same day. I suppose I could evoke aSallos and ask him!

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So it came out positive on a test? You can p.m me


Talk. To him about it actually before eyou make your decision I’m going through the same thing but well I wanted this so I’m happy

Me too, I’m almost 18 weeks. Lots are also happy for them and the amount of guardians around me is a lot.


I only just found out I think yesterday actually so I’m only just Neely pregnant feels like I am farther though cause I can feel small movements but congratulations on your pregnancy

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Oh they won’t be touching us any time soon darling.