Found my spirit animal guide thanks to Lady Eva + Some questions 🙃

Lady Eva helped me find my spirit guide with her amazing Shamanic method :blush: Thanks again Lady Eva !!!
And no I didn’t want to add this to the “thanking Lady Eva thread” :joy::joy::joy: , because I would like to make a description of my guide and ask some questions that would be irrelevant to the above mentioned thread ,so…

My animal guide is a grey monkey, about the same height as me ( 5’6’’) , with a VERY long tail (A big ass monkey…). I think it is similar to the Mandrillus sphinx . It looked really much like this guy

And it really confused me since real Mandrills don’t have tails, let alone large ones…

So I have some questions…

  • Is it possible that our animal spirits (at least the ones that resemble real animals) have some “special attributes” that make them differ from their real life versions?
  • How do they help us?
  • What are your animal spirit guides? :blush:

This is awesome, I’m glad you could also make it ! :slight_smile:

Lmfao :joy::joy::joy: I’m about the same height :heart_eyes:

Look, as far as I am concerned, this is very much possible, since we are talking about spirits :upside_down_face: Besides, my guide also has some weird characteristics. It is a fox with red fur and pointy black ears. His teeth and eyes are pitch black though. (I say his cause I am sure he is male )
So yes. :slightly_smiling_face:


New to the animal spirit thing myself, I can’t say really much experience wise. Mine is a bear, which is not really surprising in the long run, thinking about how much bear symbolic already is around my family and its ancestors. And I really like bears. So, hooray.


That is really cool :grinning:

Wow you don’t seem amused :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Just kidding , thanks for the info :blush:


Yes it’s normal that your spirit animal differ from the real animal :blush:.


Thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine is a deer or elk maybe idk but one of the two it’s weird though I haven’t explored with it yet so I think I’ll do that soon

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Yeah I think it would be really beneficial if you did. And thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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So, Rafiki is your spirit animal? He’s literally a Mandrill with the tail of a baboon, lol.


@narcissa Oh my god , it took me some minutes to find it :joy::joy::joy::joy: I must be the only one who hasn’t watched Lion King…
But yeah, close enough. Only the tail was a lot bigger and… It didn’t speak nor sing lmao


Nope, I haven’t seen it either. I hate when animations depict talking animals for some reason.

I can’t trust that… Lmao :joy::joy:

Her guide is amazing!!! I can’t wait to learn more. Have you had any recent interactions with your animal?

I did the same guide and I have three. A wildcat, white tiger and a wolf. Wish I could keep them with me lol.

image image


Mine is a magpie, the one bound to my kin is a stag.


So awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Cool :smile: