Found a New way Thanks to Prince Orobas how to enter the astral plane!

So first you want to be in a relaxed state; laying down was and is better for me :slight_smile: once your relaxed you want to close your eyes and visualize yourself in first person wherever you want to go! This can be as simple as your room.
Myself I created my own world /kingdom called Alder : the 4th and undiscovered kingdom of Heaven in the East. It’s pure only good things happen here and is highly recommended to visit I’ll update it soon so you all can come visit me the king !
Meditation is not actually needed because you are going to be exploring in a meditative way that pulls your awareness into this new consciousness you want to be in. Instead of waiting for your body to push you out you take the intuitive and jump out as the Gods we are !
I cant say when you will be out but you’ll feel and know it once your there !

But honestly ALDER is amazing I love it and the people there are amazing and the things you are able to do are beyond amazing!!


Congrats! I am still working on this astral stuff! :hugs: Orobas is nice! Great that he helped you!

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Thank you ; you’ll get it ! It took me some years lol

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