Found a Key to Open a Prison That Contains Another Me

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I invoked Delepitoré and asked for 2 sigils, one for astral projection and the other for just her. Along with those sigils I got another one that didn’t seem to have a purpose at that time and now I believe it does. It’s a key that allows me to open a passage into a dome made of glass that contains an enraged version of myself that beats at the glass like a caged beast that wants out.

The glass that the dome is made of has a sliver of burning white light that projects just the right amount of light to keep the darkness from engulfing it. Ever since I worked with Delepitoré I see that version of myself inside of the dome whenever I’m angry or upset and I could feel that he intensified those feelings. My first time seeing him I thought I was finally going to snap and accidentally murder everyone within 10 feet of me; that was how intense those feelings got; this happen on and off since I invoked her.

Today I got a little spiritual nudge from Delepitoré and then it hit me, there was no door for me to open the dome nor was there a way for the other me to break out of the doom but @PaterOctavius888 brought up the idea that the unknown sigil could be a keyslot to plug the other sigils into but it didn’t feel right to be used in that way or anyway, until today.

I know what I need to do and I will get back to you guys when I’ve done what’s needed, thanks Pater for the help!:smile:


The sigil probably creates and empathic mind /emotion link between the two of you. Or maybe perhaps you are in fact… none of than… Naruto! Are you sure you didn’t receive the sigil when the Nine Tails attacked your village?

:thinking: hmmmmm, no but my best friend wanted to kill me for a very long time…we made up after numerous attempts on my life though.