Forneus can solve your problems!

I want to tell you what he did for me. I had the love of my life hate me because she was told that I cheated, I went to forneus for help and guess what? we r back together and I think forneus for that because it would not have happened without him. if you have a problem with someone, go to forneus. trust me , you’ll be glad u did.


That’s great @cerbeus20, how long did it take and how are things now?

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it only took a couple of days, he works pretty fast. I got a question for u. what do u think of both king paimon and forneus asking for a little blood? does this mean they are ready to take our friendship to a higher level?


@cerbeus20 . Not sure what became of this, seeing as it was a couple years ago- but requests for blood or bodily fluids should generally be denied as it can lead to complications.