Forming Study Group For The Upcoming Mastering Evocation Course

I support this.

Lead the group, when we release it.

I’ll make the thread a sticky. Start planning how you could do this.

Count me in

sounds fun, I’ll join for sure.

im in

Count me in also. Thanks!
Also, Redcircle already has a chatroom for BALG so maybe you want to check with him about using it for this project.

I will join.

i’m about to finish painting my oak altar slat! and finaly acquired ritual tools, so the consecration of my WoD temple will happen soon.

i didn’t participate in FWB work, as i felt unprepared (dabbler mode)

now i’m ready to start destroying the world! (neophyte mode)

[quote=“Azesiel, post:7, topic:1115”]Count me in also. Thanks!
Also, Redcircle already has a chatroom for BALG so maybe you want to check with him about using it for this project.[/quote]

Yep, it’s still up and ready for anyone to make use of it:

This forum is one big study group.

I’d be interested, although I would like it even better if there were a group here in So. California

Dear Lux,

I’d like to do this. I think skype would be a great way for us to communicate. I know you and I are in the same neck of the woods, perhaps even a regional in person meeting of practitioners?



I think I shall join this study group and mode if I remember you’re in fla? and I’m at the bottom ofalabama so if the regional group meeting happens let me know or keep me informed.

yes alk,

I’m in fla. i think that this would be exceptional to do a regional meeting/practice meet & greet. maybe in fall? Give us all some time to practice the course, keep our notes, exchange ideas, then meet in person and do the same! Epic!

Also, I believe that this information will be extremely useful.

I’m in Georgia, if I can get some time off work it’d be cool meet up and exchange ideas.

Luxonpax, Alkaloid, TWF, et moi - The Southern Evocation Strong Hold!

Freeing the minds of the enslaved masses that are hopelessly addicted to TV, buying products they don’t need but are programmed to think so, and protecting the innocent!?!?!!?

Alright back-off! I was up late last night, haven’t had coffee yet, and am trying to get motivated people.

Unfortunately I will need to step back from the study group as i have been not only blacklisted by Jehovahs witnesses but also by BALG. I attempted to reach Tim through PM but he has blocked me. If anyone could be kind enough to PM him to please delete my account completely.

Good luck to everyone in your endeavors

He didn’t block you personally. Both Timothy and E.A. have their pm blocked.

Just because you had a disagreement with one or both doesn’t mean you’ve been blacklisted. Whatever you decide to do best of luck to you.