Forgotten advices

Sometimes, rarely to be honest, while waking up, in that moment when you are dreaming but also the dream is fading away, someone comes to give advices.
Yesterday it happened again, and he/she had two voices in one.

I know I need those answers, but I keep forgetting them.
I think it’s because I’m telling myself, in a unconscious way, that there are the answers I’m looking for.
But I’m not sure, why I should forgetting them?

I’d like to hear you thoughts about it

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Try meditating on dream and the voices you heard, it might trigger your memory to replay it.


Sometimes the information given is dowloaded into your subconcious as something meant to be accessed later. For example I’ll wake up and write down my dream where I had a conversation with a spirit. It will feel like its been edited. There are words or phrases missing. Then at some point something will happen in my life and the dream will start replaying in my mind and its complete. And its a deja vu/ eureka moment all in one.


That’s what I thought first.
I’m glad you confirmed it.

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I get a ringing in my ear when i recieve a “download” when awake. This is sometimes given as a signal when a spirit has done something for me but they dont want to give me the details. Knowing how the magick was done could change how I feel about the ritual. Therefore it could give me doubts or distract me from my next task.

I always forget channeled messages almost immediately. And you are just waking up and forgetting is built in the whole wake up process I would keep a small notebook and pen by the bed and write it down as soon as you get it. Before you even get out of bed. Reach over, grab the book and pen and write the message you remember down even if it is only part of it. The rest may come back to you.


It would be easily if I wouldn’t forget the advice literally when I open my eyes :sweat_smile:

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Mostly because we didn’t think it was important enough to be remembered.
Ask yourself do you really need those answers or do you question the validity of what you’ve received.
Just my thoughts…