Forgot to post about Jack the Ripper

Few minutes after I did the zodiac killer

Lots of laugh things got much darker welcome young necromancer you want to kill I’ll do it swiftly for you. laugh again a few minutes after sol shone again thank goodness it turned cold and the wind blew the north wind that went out on my energy.


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That’s what I’m talking about


Jack the Ripper and the legendary Victorian murders combined with the supernatural… Too many clues and not enough evidence who the real killer was… As the infamous Scotland Yard hunted a serial killer shrouded in mystery as the mutilator of East End prostitutes infused the public with horror.

I know of a person who tried a past life regression and used artifacts from the past to reveal who Jack the Ripper really was! As a mischievous spirit told him he was part of the crime. He had actual newspaper clippings from 1888 London press and descriptions and photos from the murder scenes trying to decipher a puzzle from more than a century that is still unsolved as he become fascinated with the famous crimes and killer.