Forgiveness // redemption

I thought I might share a recent-ish blog post from my website here to see if anyone has any thoughts or comments. Hope everyone is well.


“Understand procedure. Understand war. Understand rules, regulations. I don’t understand sorry…I don’t really know what sorry means” -Charles Manson

I’m currently sitting quietly, listening to the classic song ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ by Blue Oyster Cult slowed down 800 % and it’s surprisingly good though very unrecognizable. Very meditative and theatric.

I find myself thinking about the sacred cow known as ‘forgiveness’. We are told it is essential to healing by the academic institutions of modern psychology and the feel good, white light new ager mystics, but is it really anything more than an opiate, a cop out that allows for accepted injustice disguised? Forgiveness feels like just another sick Christian moral that stifles the evolution of man because it doesn’t allow man to make moral judgments based on his own experiences, to exert his own individuality against transgression and to oppose that which seeks to harm and tread upon him and his peace and sovereignty.

I understand redemption. Redemption is an action. Actions speak louder than words… Hell, Even words are an action of sorts. Often the concept of forgiveness is expected to thrive in situations where no apologies or acknowledgement of wrong doing occur.

Why allow the sin all week just to forgive it all by sitting for an hour in church on a Sunday or for a measly 30 second lip service prayer? Does it wash away the pain, the damage, the trauma? Or does it just numb the perpetrators selfish guilt? Is there really nothing a human being can do that is unforgivable? That we can’t all be made to feel obligated to forgive, lest the innocent be wrongfully made guilty? That there, might be the most perverse part of it all……………


Interesting view. With forgiveness and redemption, ive always felt that it depends on the situation magic wise. Church service? Nahh. I think its dumb for someone to think that they can sin just because on a sunday they can ask for forgivness. Magic wise, i judge if somebody i do magic for needs forgiveness or not. Working with both white and dark magic, i give people second chances if i know they really deserve it, or if they deserve a curse. If they dont learn from mistakes and continue being a moron and know they are a moron, this witch sticks the broomstick up their ass lol.

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You are operating from a place that allows you to have personal power of judgment. so I definitely embrace this

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Sometimes, it’s not best to retaliate. Sometimes it’s best to forgive, not because they deserve to be forgiven, but because you don’t deserve to deal with the pain they’ve caused you.