Forgetting the Ritual?

If you are lusting for result, why does it not work? Shouldn’t the attachment act as reinforcement to magick?

I cope with doubts by doing a reinforcement which I throw more servitors or energy, whatever to call it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I will talk more on my past experiments but first let me hear your thoughts on this question I asked :slight_smile:

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Because lusting for results is a form of doubt or fear that it didn’t work, it’s comes in as a "did it work yet?, why isn’t anything happening yet? … should i do it again? … when will it happen? … it’s been a week! etc etc.

This fear is a strong energy that conflicts with the magick, manifesting the feared failure and overriding the energy expecting and forming success.

Any way to stop producing that fear energy will help. Ideally you’d just plan it as a layered or repeated ritual from the get go, and avoid all doubt whatsoever.


As promised I shall share my past experiments :slight_smile:

Okay so I used to do this in sports magick, I would curse a team I wanted to lose and bless a team I wanted to win. I got somewhat consistent results but not always.

But in 2019 I managed to elevate [redacted] in having them win. I also cursed many [redacted] I succeeded!

Of course I repeated the ritual several times throughout the playoffs.

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That’s great, but please note it’s against the rules to name names on BALG.

While magick isn’t believed and not admissible in a court of law, making threats of harm is still a federal offense and opens the forum to legal liability. Please bear in mind, this forum is not private and is completely open to the entire Internet. Under no circumstances may you mention specifics. I have have edited the post to remove team names.

Hopefully I saw this before the web bots archived it, but if not you could have put BALG at permanent risk.

It’s not easy to have the forethought to avoid posting all the kinds of illegal content that could damage the forum, the rules help with that and they exist for a reason.

Oh no! I should’ve known…

As this made me worry I had to divinate on such compromise. I pulled a 7 of pentacles. I believe all is good.

I’m telling you this because I’m testing myself in authenticity.

Hence this thread is more of an experiment of potential.

Thank you for letting me know the DO NOT for things.

Please leave feedback on the answer for all is good from compromise. I need to know if I’m doing things correct.

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I thing you’re good, since you already had doubt you had to deal with it and you did that. It’s too easy to say “stop worrying”, I think taking active steps is a good way to give you a reason to stop worrying. The damage may have been done already, but the follow up itself ritual would reinforce your working as intended I think.

This is why you get the approach of saying “don’t even think about the ritual, ground, eat go do something to stop thinking about it”, as another way to make sure that element of doubt doesn’t creep in.

A way I prefer is to learn how to do energy working and be sensitive and able to read the energies involved. Then you can feel when it’s enough, track the progress, etc. I don’t see energy readings, scans, divinations etc. used as status checks as “worrying” if the emotions are merely to monitor the situation so you’re not doing that from a place of fear.

Either way it seems to be working just fine :slight_smile: There’s other factors involved as well, like the targets having protections, spirit guardians, having a very firm belief in themselves, conflict within yourself, the counterbalance of fans is usually a big one for public figures, so avoiding doubt isn’t the whole story anyway. You probably know all these somewhere inside yourself if you meditate on it.

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