Forgetting,chaos mind & life

Hey guys
Since i was a kid about 5/6 y I heard, saw& felt spirits/angels or demons around me every where… Just for ur notice guys im from islamic/ Christian society … Arabian … So in that case here everything people say its Jinn or demons and nothing good come from them… Till my teen years i had a really magnificent memory… Memories everything i see or hear anywhere… After awhile at my 19’s to 22
My folks bring some guy he read on me Quran ,made me some kind of water since that my memory is so fucked up … My life now is messy … I’m trying to be mage at least 5 years now but no progress… Im losing my mind… Can’t focus on anything… Now I’m married have two kids they are miserable because the way we live … I need to start right this time … Need steps … Need a guide or mentor… But most important i realy need my mind and memories to be be sharp … Plz help guys … I already stopped thinking about killing myself every day to get rid of that shitty feeling but really need a start


I would say to start with daily meditation to clear your mind as a first step. Every day until you can do it without even trying. Then move on from there.

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I’m doing that already… Also i can separate myself from anything happening around me and make myself alone in my mind but just that


That’s good. Can you retrain your mind to focus on one thing at a time? It can be anything, start with the small things. I had to retrain my mind to do one thing at a time. I started with physical stuff. Wash the dishes. One thing. Clean something. One thing. When I could focus on one thing, the doors of magick were opened.

Thanks elana … I’m doing that daily
But focusing on those things not hard its not mentally things … things are so hard for me when it comes to mind or mental stuff specialy to remember or memories anything even small things like what I should do that ex" bring my kids from school" not just where i put my keys … Just … I tested my self went to multiple dr and nothing physical

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Hmm. I have memory problems, too. Having a very strict schedule has helped somewhat, but perhaps someone here more experienced than I can help you with finding a spirit to work with memory. I don’t know what drink you were given, but perhaps there are certain herbs to help with memory as well, although you should discuss that with a Dr. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Also medications can effect your memory, and I don’t know if you’ve had your thyroid checked by your Drs., but thyroid issues can cause serious memory problems like you have described. I went undiagnosed for years because I was young and female, and it was just all in my head, so I was told, until a good Dr. actually did his job.

I did all medical checkup and nothing wrong in my results… The thing i drink is like holy water with stuff … I don’t know what z

Well, hopefully someone else here can help.

Here’s what I suggest…

You need a simple ritual. Do this at night, midnight if possible. You need to be alone in the room, bathroom would be ok if you can’t have privacy during the ritual.

Get a white candle. A page of the Quran. A clean needle. Satan’s symbol on a piece of paper. And a glass of water.

Light the candle, focus on the light and body of the candle… just empty your mind and relax your body. You need to be on your knees or setting in front of the candle.

Start chanting Satan’s enn 108 times. Out loud or in your mind. This is praise for Satan, so put some emotions into it. Mean it with all your heart, think of it as an offering to Satan so he could accept you back.

When you’re done with the enn. Get the page you have from the Quran, this is for cleaning yourself from this belief. Especially everything it teaches about Demons and Satan. Take the page and burn it with the candle - be careful with the fire!

While you’re burning it, pray to Satan with your own words, from the heart. Ask him to accept you as a his child, guide you with his demons, and help you to get your spiritual awakening back. You can add anything else you wish.

After the page is burned, take the sigil and use the needle to get a drop of blood from your left hand’s thumb. Then paint/dress the lines of the sigil with your blood. While chanting Satan’s enn until you’re done. You can also prepare a written pact and write it on the back of the sigil if you wish and sign it with your blood.

Once this is done, say some final prayer praising Satan and thanking him for accepting you, helping you and thank all his demons and praise them with few words.

Last step, burn the sigil with candle… but keep the ashes of the sigil separated from the ashes of the Quran - very important. Throw the ashes of that page in the toilet or the garbage. And the ashes of your sigil, take some of it and drop it in the glass of water you prepared then drink it in Satan’s name to clean your body, the rest blow it in the wind with your breath. Take a moment to thank Satan and his demons again.

Don’t do this ritual mechanically, charge it with your love to Satan and his demons. Feel everything you’re doing and feel your connection with Satan, and being in his presence during the ritual. This ritual should be done only once.

Meditate daily while chanting Satan’s enn. With the intent of getting your spiritual awakening. You should start to see effects the same day!

Hope that helps.