Forgetting a ritual

So, say you can’t forget a ritual you just did because it’s a really important one. Even when you carry on with your daily routine, you just can’t stop thinking about it like EA says you’re supposed to. Does thinking positively about the ritual afterwards actually enhance the working or does that still hinder the success of the ritual? Has anyone found any effective ways to completely forget a ritual? Thanks for sharing!

I have found that it is not so much about forgetting the ritual took place as it is about letting go of the emotional connection to the outcome.

Example: I recently did a ritual to keep my job (budget cuts are a bitch) I used all my fear, anger, rage…etc in the ritual as fuel. After the ritual I actually could not care if I kept my job or not. I was actually really giddy and happy. A few hours later and I found that the budget cuts passed me over.

I could not forget that I had preformed the ritual but I did let go of my attachment of the outcome.

Hope this helps.

I find that I rarely remember anything I do while in the trance state. Staying in the present moment is really what its all about. If you are consistently aware of yourself and your surroundings at all times, the past kind of recedes into a an interesting blur. You can still bring up details at will whenever needed, but theres not so much attachment.

Also, weed helps. Alot.

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I agree with TheLotusEater on this.

There is a contemporary meditation teacher Shinzen Young, who has distilled a method to cultivate enlightenment called The Five Ways. One of the five ways is called ‘Focus Out’. It allow’s you to achieve this present moment awareness merging with your physical senses fully rather than dwelling inside your mind (which is the problem you’re describing as I understand it). I mention this because I think he is a pretty good teacher, his material is available online, and it’s clear, concise, and direct. That is one way to handle the problem.

E.A. also addresses the topic of letting go of these desires in at least two of his newsletters:


E.A. addressed this in the latest newsletter, achieving a Zenlike non-attachment and allowing your mind to be ‘like water’.

I think it’s a combination of this, and doing what TWF recommends: using magick ‘preemptively’ to get the best results, instead of waiting until the last second at some moment of great anxiety.

I will say however…I was in a bit of a legal spot recently and did a huge ritual(thanks Belial & For’Tash!) in which I waited until almost the last minute to perform it. Afterwards I just said ‘fuck it’, if I go down with the ship, it was meant to be.

Long story short, I just sort of went with the flow and the situation played itself out BETTER than I could have ever imagined. I’m talking to the point of it almost being non-existent. I talked to the spirits, got myself into trances, and manipulated my energy field in every way I knew how to achieve a non-attached demeanor. The spirits constantly ‘re-assured’ me…(of course I’m still at a point where I’m not sure if this is all in my head and I’m not just talking to my imaginary friends)…

The moral of the story: Achieve a ‘Mind like Water’, because it really works. Let go, say fuck it, what will be will be, and be prepared to go down with the ship. If you gave the ritual your all, it will more than likely turn out BETTER than you could imagine.

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