Forget the occult, I will just get a gun for power

thanks for all the help everyone, but no matter what I do, I can’t even reach a basic trance state, not even a light one.

I have ADHD and concentration, focus, and meditation go against my very nature.

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I wish you the best on whatever path you end up.


Are you talking about a specific situation here, or…?

I mean, a microwave oven gives you a certain power that magick won’t hand you overnight (the infamous “Thermium Potatum” spell), especially if you’re all caught up in your labels, but it’s not much use outside a slim range of situations.

I’m all for responsible gun ownership, but a gun can fuck you up if you use it for power in almost every normal situation, whereas magick won’t.

The main thing is unable to even reach a light trance. Magick doesn’t exist for me, it refuses

I didn’t know what reaching trance was when I started out, I just did magick - called on spirits, did spells, and eventually something clicks.

Maybe you’re putting the cart before the horse?

If you think (I don’t mean this in a rude way) that trance is this clear state where everything snaps into place, it’s not, really - E.A. teaches the TGS stuff because it works for a lot of people to think of it that way, but personally I don’t attempt to induce TGS before doing some work, and certainly had never heard of it before.

I sent you that core shamanism tut just 10 days ago, did you do it at all? And, I mean as written, “imagining” the World Tree to begin with, not trying to reach some kind of mental state first?

(Edit to add - try rocking yourself as you do this, or banging your fist on a table in time with the drumbeat, or sonething - if you have an excess of physical energy, desire to move, it might help, trad. shamans often dance as they journey.)

You’ve not been on the forum long, if you want people toi sign off on you giving up, consider it done, but if you want to succeed you’re going to need to take a leap of faith and actually commit. I was lucky - I had no choice, and nothing to grade myself against (if lucky’s the word for being a scared lonely unhappy kid) - you have a lot of support and ideas at your fingertips, but don’t let them trip you up.

But I don’t want to cajole you unto doing this, the drive needs to come from within, and if you want to give up, there are plenty of other things to do with your life, just be careful with that gun thing, my inner granny is a bit troubled by that! :wink:

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I know where you are coming from, Supernatual. A trance state is something Ive had immense trouble with, and can only get into a very mild one at best, and in the past I had given up for years a time on things like astral projection because of this.

Ive learned that magick though does not require a full on trance state… it does need focus and concentration to some degree, but a full on meditative trance it does not. Intent is the most paramount thing magickal workings need, and while you will not hear nor see entities with your eyes and ears (or the brain sectors that correspond to such), you will be able to sense them in other ways. I know the focus on “hearing” and “seeing” spirits is pretty much at the forefront of evocative magick, but heres the thing; if your intent is true, the spirit will hear you, even if you cannot hear them, and I have personally experienced this and now know it to be true.

Also, if you are like me (and from the little you describe it seems you are), forget about clairvoyance and clairaudience, for the time being. Those are behind some pretty thick bars for people with ADHD. They are not completely inaccessible, but for an abnormal individual to get to them (of which I include myself in that category), its not just “sit down and quiet your mind”… yeah right, let me just pull a unicorn out of my ass while Im at it, too.

But there are other modes of sensing, specifically clairsentience and claircognizance, which are feeling and knowing, respectively. Neither of those requires a silent mind, and can be developed in the presence of ADHD. I know this for an absolute fact, because Ive spent the last year working both. It does need some level of focus and concentration, but we are not talking blank your mind for 10 minutes to hear the voices of the spirits. And, a more active concentration can be used instead of the “think nothing” kind.

You are actively searching, feeling, and questioning, with little bouts of very aware “listening” while developing these clairs. And doing magick is what has developed these two senses, which seem to be very intertwined. Working one seems necessarily to work the other.

Ive never seen a spirit, nor have I heard any spirit within waking consciousness, ever. I have clearly felt the spirits though, and intuitively knew them to be present, and also felt/knew the answers to questions without ever hearing a response. This is the neglected pair of clairs that anyone can develop, and in our case, pretty much must develop.

If you want more information about that, ask, and Ill tell you what I know on it from direct personal experience in a situation very similar if not identical to your own.

There are also things you can take to help you with ADHD, and Im not talking about any pharmaceutical crap either. Again, if you are interested, feel free to ask.


Say you were writing a story about someone with ADHD and in the story you have to explain how he did magick - what would your fictionally write, knowing that it’s not a pass/fail issue, and that you’re just creating for fun?

Don’t try to answer now, but sometimes putting the problem outside ourselves like this can be helpful.

In my experience, it is when you stop worrying about entering those state, Trust yourself and your Imagination(that is one of the most Wonderful and Important tool a Magician have ), That the Magick Happen

Sometime i say that when we were Kids, we often played Game where we incarnated Character and we were so into that, It was real for us, I think that if we can put ourself in that same state of Mind when doing Ritual, all will work fine, This is my experience.

I wish you luck with your endeavors, but I don’t wanna talk to spirits anyway, they’d most likely would harm me.

A gun would be used to kill myself, if my life can’t be supernatual then I’m not interested in living.

This was something I was thinking of mentioning. Dance can get one into a trance, and its very active sometimes to the point of screaming and shouting and stomping. That IS an option, tried and true, that one can consider. I have not done so myself, but it literally has thousands of years of tradition from shamanic cultures all over the world behind it, so be aware of that, supernatual. The “trance” we all think of is a very Eastern style conceptualization of it, at least in so far as how to achieve it. But there are active as well as passive ways to achieve, and dance is an active one.

So is listening to some music from my personal experiences. It has to be loud, but sometimes Ill just, like literally, trance out to some really good metal for like 10 minutes or something. Thats like a reeeaaalllly long time for me.

You are physiologically different, supernatual, and I know that from my own research into studies on ADHD (of specific note is the way the brain both utilizes and produces neurotransmitters). What works for 95%+ of people, does not work for us. But there ARE some things that do.

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See, the thing is it can be. But the question is if you are willing to put in the effort to make it so.

And that goes for every normal person as well… very, very, very few people are psychic prodigies and naturally able to achieve feats we hear legends about. Everyone has to put in work. For you or I, the work is different than most, but still accomplishable.

But you say youre not interested in contacting spirits now because they might harm you? Well using that line of reasoning, its OK to just not do anything then at all. Dont ever drive because youre much more likely to be killed by some derp in a car than a malevolent spirit, you know.

I feel youre just looking for pity now, so I cant help you there. I can sympathize, and actually even empathize, but having come so far myself with your same problems precludes me from pitying you, because I know you are not actually incapable. It SEEMS that way, Ill give you that. But its just not so.

If you want more advice from someone whose experienced what you have, still feel free to ask, but it seems you may have already made up your mind and now just want your personal view of the situation externally validated.

I just say crazy stuff when I’m mad. I dont mind putting in work but after 3 years and nothing, then never mind.

Maybe you should take a break from thinking about magick if it’s making you feel angry?

It’s an innately destabilising thing, and there are times in people’s lives when grounded pursuits and stability are a better bet then, y’know summoning demons and walking in the astral.

There are many other good things in the world outside of this stuff.

[quote=“Supernatual, post:1, topic:8770”]thanks for all the help everyone, but no matter what I do, I can’t even reach a basic trance state, not even a light one.

I have ADHD and concentration, focus, and meditation go against my very nature.[/quote]
I’ll be very honest with you, I have ADD and I don’t even use trance state in magick and if I am then I don’t know it.

Its exactly like Lady Eva said, it takes dedication, time, energy and faith. You can do it. If its hearing a spirit that’s the road block for you, try doing meditations or binaural beats to open your third eye chakra. (Don’t just open it one time though. Opening the third eye is a constant re awakening process and quite frankly the more you open it, the better your senses are anyway.)

Try approaching Lucifer. Even if you can’t hear him, he can hear you. When I first started out I was like you. I was gonna give up, cast it aside like it was nothing. Then all the sudden Lucifers name was constantly being repeated in my head. Then when I closed my eyelids, his fucking sigil burned into my eyes. This went on for three days amongst the fact his name was EVERYWHERE, IT WAS ANNOYING. Even if I tried clearing my mind, it kept going anyway. So one night I said fuck it I’m evoking him. And before I even drew his sigil or started calling him to me, I heard a loud whisper externally “I AM HERE” and I said “oh fuck” but I simply introduced myself, that I had sought him out because I heard his call and that I simply wished to work with him.

The point of me saying that story was I believe you can do it, you’re just stumped. I would say try to approach Lucifer. He loves his beginners, in fact he’s good at teaching all skill levels, and development of senses both astral and psychic. And even though after him whispering that I couldn’t hear anything else, I know he heard me because he’s still with me teaching and guiding me (now I can hear him) and he has lead me to people. Not only will he hear you, he will take you to places, people, sites, etc that can help you, and push you in the right direction, of course if you put the effort in and are willing to learn.


They won’t. I’ve had Lucifer around me forever now and he hasn’t done shit to me. Just don’t be an asshole to em.

Sounds interesting, I will try and contact lucifer, maybe he can help, thanks

Do it. I’m telling you, he’s the first thing that came to mind. If you look up his sigil, its the one with the v at the bottom the the lines going thru it and they curve off a lil. You’ll know it.