Forger/magician for hire?

Not sure if this is against the rules. Apologies if it is.

I don’t know where to look or who to ask. I’m not yet ready to pay for it but I’m looking for someone that can forge me an amulet or pendant. Using magick to strengthen it and the connection I want with it. I want the sigil of Azazel. I haven’t yet figured what metal. And I want the forger/magician to know Azazel intimately. I’m thinking of also having his enns engraved onto the sigil if possible. I’m going for highest of quality. I’ll need time to save up but anyone have the skills I need or know someone that does?

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@AdamThoth this looks like a job for your skills perchance?

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@C.Kendall Are you still Creating items? If so you fall under qualifications for this.


Daemonic drems. Com has a old guy who follow the tradicion mwthod. It suit you name
.birtdate, etc. Probably $250.blesed plus u info. Daemonic drems. Com. From uk.