Forcing someone into astral projection?

So, in my very beginning stages of the left hand path…I kept hearing stories about people forcing each other into astral projection. Like they’d go up to you and rip your astral body out of you forcing you to go into astral projection right there at that moment…so my question is how do people do this?:thinking: I always found the idea to be very fascinating, the thought that one being so powerful they could go up to you in projection and pull you by force out of your body.

I always heard it can be very dangerous


I’ve never heard of this. I call larpers.

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had some entities force me into ap XD , certainly possible


They don’t , Even though entities can help you with AP But at the end its you who has to work on it.

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According to carlos Castanda ,Don Juan used to do that to him in the beginning stages of his training by tapping (or punching I’m not sure it’s been a while since I read his books) him in a specific area on his back.

Don’t know if it’s actually possible though

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Castaneda’s Don Juan is a fake. Has been proven long time ago. He either made up the stuff in his books or copied it from other sources.

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