Forced Possession

Let’s say I want to be perfectly possessed and I want it to happen forcefully because I don’t want to have anything to do with the process, is that possible? What’s good and bad about it?


Might have to do a STRONG ritual either yourself or another sorcerer.

The spirit has to agree too. Just like humans there must be a click.
And in my opinion they won’t force.
If you want something like Hollywood possession then do a blind evocation. But that’s not fun anymore… Because then you have a lower level entity.

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You should try to write a pact out with the spirit to make sure nothing goes wrong

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It is playing with fire, in the sense that a lot of people are like the guy who loved bears and thought bears understood him, and got locked in a cage with the bears and the bears ate him. You would most likely do that with some spirit that is truly caring about your sucess, and besides your Higher Self (which is technically not a spirit), the only one I could think of would be a spirit lover or some bigger entity who would be investing in you, and in all those cases, there is no guarantee that your operation would end without some harm done to you in some way, from physical injuries to people around being afraid of you or puzzled because of what they saw, because I can’t imagine someone doing such thing for non impresive achievements

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