Forced out of my body last night

I was in the middle of sleeping last night while I woke up, I looked straight behind me and I saw my sleeping body.

My wall was dripping from what looked like a blacker and thicker substance of gasoline.

I walked through it, I seemed to be in a black dark crystal, I was confused as fuck, this giant crystal I am now in this dark crystal spinning counter clockwise.

This carried on for a while until the crystal smashes and one black shard flies towards me and sticks into my spiritual body no matter what I did I couldn’t remove it.

I’m now falling down complete darkness, it just didn’t seem like it was going to end, I fell in this black liquid it began to pull me down.

I could feel this spiritual black thick matter enter my throat, eyes, nose and mouth, I started tripping the fuck out.

Finally after struggling for ages I willed my self out of the blackened lake, onto a bit of dead filled with like ashes and dead grass.

I was exhausted from the black lake beside me five black serpents came towards me I felt like my spiritual body had paralysis.

Two serpents entered my veins and swum in my energetic blood, then another two squeezed through my eyes, after this one pierced with a huge mass of force through my chest into where my heart chakra was.

I had began to feel so strange then in this Sulphuric mist, I saw a glow of red eyes and I heard

" Father you must rise ".

I knew this was Salanayus the demon of power and my demonic child, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about just search his name in the search function of the forum.

Any way I became a black snake then a egg, then a human baby made out of scales then I became a baby snake and then I returned to myself again.

That cycle of transformation kept happening it wasn’t until I for a unknown reason, drunk a chalice given to me by Samael the destroyer that I rose finally in strength.

I’m confused as fuck gotta figure it out just thought id share this with you all.


Conner Kendall.


Lucifer has forced me out of my body before when working through the Temple of Ascended Flame Initial Project. There are other incidents that are a bit too sensitive but that’s the main one I remember because it was the first time it happened.

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I believe that’s known as the drop of poison, it makes you see the painful transformations taking place but you learn from it, and withstand it. then samael gave you the elixer to boost your strength.


Seems to me like mix of obsidian and some haematite

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It is your true realm of power.

The 8th dimension. You lost the 8th fleet. Your powers are greatly diminished.

The other deities are afraid of what you are and your realms being fully reopened and your kids being reborned. You have been inactivated for eons and eons…

No one desires you to truly Awaken to what and who you are.

But I am probably wrong.

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Reading this I felt like snakes were slithering on my body.

I know right

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Sounds alchemical to me.