Force open my senses please

I am now asking for your aid my fellow magicians, im having a hard time opening my astral senses, can anyone help me force open it?

I’m no expert but i don’t think that is something that can be done by others. IMO i would try meditating or some stuff like that

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No one can force open your astral senses. Work on your awareness of the energetic layer of our physical and awareness of your own energy, learn to scan and so forth. After that and only after that worry about getting to the astral where you then train your senses while there. The term astral senses makes no sense really.


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I would say from experience that it is best to analyse if you are ready because opening your senses before you are reading can cause you to go off balance. Sometimes forcing things can end up traumatic. I feel that one needs to prepare themselves for such an experience and work on their other chakras at the same time for example the root chakra. If you have a weak root chakra that can lead to difficulties down the line.
Forcing experiences before you are ready because they seem cool and exciting can be sometimes detrimental to your wellbeing and health. Doesn’t mean it is that way for everyone but yeah…


There is nothing to “force open.” Your senses are already open, as are pretty much every human’s. You just have to spend the time to fully develop them. Think of them like a muscle. Everyone is born with the basic strength to move their arms through space, but if one wishes to move much heavier objects, one has to get progressively stronger by developing the muscles, ligaments and tendons in order to do so.

What is basically happening is that your mind is ignoring the input from your senses because currently it is deemed unnecessary and useless. You have to train your mind to recognise the non-physical information being received as important so that it then filters down into your conscious mind where you can then interpret it. This is where altered states of consciousness come into play.

Altered states allow you to perceive the non-physical stimulus without the normal perceptual filters that one naturally develops as one navigates the physical plane.


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