Forbidden Spells

Why would money spells fall under this category?

Nothing is forbidden here, so no lol.

I think its kind of a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing…alot of people would consider using magic to get money to be “cheating at the game”, but fuck em! Remember how fun it is to play video games with a friend and use cheat codes they dont know about?

Side note: my old band had a song called Circe. good times

Its just Christian Church morals, everything is allowed in magic

[quote=“Ryan, post:2, topic:1461”]Nothing is forbidden here, so no lol.[/quote] So it does appear. Am figuring out how to best reply to comments (thank you to both who responded to this question…) Was curious as to whether the ‘Forbidden’ thing was a traditional assignment, which it seems to be. Operations designed to harm others strikes me as appropriately labeled thus, though I realize many do not share my sense, here. Money spells is a pretty basic thing, hence my wonderment at such a label.