For Those Who Struggle With OCD or Any Other Mental Disorder

This is a way to truly experience and see your thoughts for what they are In real time.
As we travel along the LHP we will come upon different levels of Mundane and magical issues such as Blockages, Obsessive Thoughts, and problems.

These vary with intensity and amplify especially when working with the Qlippoth.

The Qlippoth: The Adversary Strikes Back

These trials take on the form of Stagnation that cannot be banished, mental torment, feeling “Assaulted” by your own thoughts (or so it seems), physical complications arising, streaks of Failure, lack of Originality, lack of Power, etc.

These are meant to cause you to grow by percieving their true form.

The Meditation

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes, focusing on your breath.

Let my senses be deranged and peeled back so that I may truly see.

Allow yourself to fall into trance and your senses to cross. As you do this, you will feel your thoughts flowing out of you and assming form.

Some of the forms my thoughts took:

• Snakes

• Demonic Legions

• Weird shapes and unexplainable colors

• Chupacabras

• Elemental Demons of Stagnation, Decay, and Stasis

What you must do is devour them whole using your will. One thing you will notice is that you will no longer be thinking in the usual sense of the term.

You will sesne the thought take form as a being who will then assume the form of words that will become known to your mind. This is a two way street.

As you go deeper Into this, you will see the true form of what you assume is you thinking…the Demonic Forms of your own thoughts and Ideas.

You will also see your thoughts as strings of Binary Code (0s and 1s) which is symbolic of energy and beings of different dimensions that inspire thought.

The chains of logic itself will be broken and you may start realising the answers to problems, before realizing the questions. This sounds good in theory, but it is hell in practice :joy:.

After you see your thoughts on deep levels, proceed with a banishing rite to get rid of them, OR compel them through Sorcery to bring your will to pass.

You can make these beings work for you.

For Adepts
This allows you to see the Demonic Legions of the Qlippoth and different Elemental Associations used with those Legions.

Invoke Stagnation in it’s true form and you’ll see it is if the Demonic Elemet of Earth. Devour it.

It will bring your Elemental Balace into order and allows you to weild those powers for your own benefit or the destruction of others



Thank you. This is an interesting exercis. You have really put out some excellent posts that I have had the privilege of reading. :ok_hand:


What’s the exercice for “people-annoy-the-heck-out-of-me”CD ?