For those who have partners into magick?

Just wondering really

Currently single and thinking about what type of partner I would like to attract. I’d like a serious long term relationship with whoever is next

Most of my exes, I make it sound like there’s loads (there’s maybe 5 I think in the last 15 years)

Have been people who I gradually shared my interest in the occult with. One I never shared it with at all as that would have been the end of the relationship. I only really shared it as far as being a hobby of mine, and concentrated more on emphasis on spirituality

So if I want a serious relationship where I would end up cohabitating with someone, to continue my interest in the occult I kinda need them to be okay with the occult

I mean it’s easy rn, whatever book or magick tool or whatever I might have around the place I don’t have to hide from anyone, wanna watch YouTube videos on how to learn various forms of magick? No problem. Wanna vibrate magicakal words of power? No problem :joy:

But it would be kind of nice to share the interest with someone if I decide to live with them and have someone I could hold conversations with without scaring the shit out of them, or go get on with a ritual again without scaring the shit out of them

And then it starts bothering me, aren’t you slightly terrified of the knowledge that your partner holds? Like when you started seeing each other, did you worry if you pissed them off, what they could be capable of doing to you with magick?

Is it a catch 22?

That’s where I would be a little terrified to date someone who I got to know from an occult setting… but that would seem the most optimal place for finding what I want from a partner :joy:


Best is to have a normal partner. Other witches as best friends and coven sisters / brothers


My wife is a witch and a member on here, though she doesn’t post often lol. I don’t think that I could be with someone who I couldn’t at least discuss it with openly.


On the catch 22. Yes, I would.

A lot of people are borderline paranoid about this here too. Read all the “I’ve been cursed” posts. I’ve been practicing for 25 years and had one scare, and that’s caused I pissed off someone way more advanced than me


When you say normal, what do you mean by that?

More explicite: a prophane. Or not witchy

After my last partner, I do not think I would ever want to date a non practitioner again. He went crazy, (and not in an I’m a great and powerful wizard kind of way, rather a I have a duty to follow orders from fake versions of people.) and I just don’t think it was good. All the energies I had going on around me, it probably didn’t help him. He also said he was done with philosophy and all the kinds of stuff I was interested in. No more bleeding edge anything for him, because apparently he was just so oblivious to other people.

I really thought the having a normal partner was a good idea, but when I got into trouble because he couldn’t even do very basic things, less than even most mundanes, I thought, why exactly am i putting up with this?


In my experience those who are worth keeping around you are more open minded than one would normally give them credit for. Whether that’s friends, family, significant others. But then again, I’m fine with being hated and challenged. I’ve had significant others who ended it because they feared the LHP. But then again, sorting through so many judgmental sheep led me to my current wife who is an avid RHP practitioner who fully accepts my practices. We’ve had plenty of arguments that turned into her casting spells on me but I’ve gotten through it. I will say I deserved it every time. Also, she’s also more likely to throw a knife at my head than she is to curse me >.>

But I would say that if you can come to a place of being fine with rejection and you can become empowered enough to love yourself and say ‘this is who I am’ then it’s worth being open about it. Hiding such an important part of your soul just leads to resentment and self doubt. As a practitioner, you’re too important to hide who/what you are. Especially in this day and age. That’s my opinion.

If they accept it, then it doesn’t really matter if thy practice magic or not because the acceptance and love is there.

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In my opinion just because he didn’t practice magick doesn’t make him normal by what you said.

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tbh the greatest damage for me was done by partners who weren’t capable of doing magick or anything similar :woman_shrugging:t2: If my partner would hold similar interests he would at least know better than to cross me for no good reason :relieved:


Honestly, no. I do not fear my wife’s knowledge and power, even though it surpasses my own in areas of her expertise. A big reason why is that I have spent almost a decade getting to know the person who wields that power. We are pretty much on the same page a majority of the time anyways, and talk throughly when we aren’t.

I don’t think I could be with someone who at least open minded with the occult, mythology or history. I got very lucky.


Yeah I don’t think I can be. I feel like I need that from a partner. But I’m also rather paranoid getting too familiar with people who are bc I know what I have got up to myself :joy:



Haha I need to get there! :sweat_smile:

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Time and experience brings self confidence with one’s skills. Honestly, the idea of being cursed does not phase me anymore. Doesn’t mean I am going to go off passing random people off who have not crossed lines I have warned about, but anyone threatening curse me does not inspire fear anymore.


Yeah I mean there’s some I’ve interacted with here who I’m utterly unphased if I would piss them off

Partners tho… :grimacing: even without magick a few caused trouble :sweat_smile: and obviously I did too in return :joy::joy:

Oh I have my own stories. Never lived with my exes but a few caused problems. In terms of magic, the better versed and practiced you are, the better off you still are even in those conditions. A few cow tongues, some mirrors, personal items that will likely get left behind during a move, etc all can come very handy when it comes to countering if it even comes to that.

Honestly, I would be more concerned with overworrying than it actually happening. Some hexes for example are fueled by the fear of the targwt, turning the effects into a self fulfilling prophecy. Not feeding into workings done against you can be just as important for magical defense as the actual protection workings.


My partner practices but the thing I find with a handful of practitioners is that they believe because they get a partner that practices that you’ll be on the same wavelength, but no a partner that practices just means you’ll probably have more to argue about or disagree with lol.

When I look for a partner or did I didn’t care if they practiced or not for the most part more that if they were going to be annoying/cringy :joy:

In all honestly I have a friend who isn’t into this but is open enough to discuss it, a lot of practitioners are cringy and less level headed than someone who doesn’t so discussing it sometimes feels like a breath of fresh air from the usual “hurhur Lucifer and demons galore with a side of Cthulhu fantasy”


I think I just need to find someone wierd enough for me

But grounded enough

And build trust

Just don’t wanna freak the hell out of one… or have them roll eyes at me and think I’m insane but okay darling whatever you like - go chat to your imaginary friends kind of condescension

Prefer not to be dragged to a hospital or priest basically :joy:


my wife and I have our debates lol. It helps that while we have common ground, our interests are different enough that we learn from each other during those discussions. Just because both people practice magic does not mean the interests are the same. That is where patience and respect comes into play. And a willingness to poke fun at things, especially oneself