For those who had successful love spells

Did the relationship feel real ? That’s all I want to know because i’m trying to get a relationship back but I’m scared of the whole thing feeling forced and unnatural.

I had a successful relationship/commitment spell. It didn’t change the other person’s fundamental attitude, they acted worse towards me than before we were official, and they called it off about 5 weeks later.

If you are going to cast that kind of spell I would recommend thinking VERY long-term and consider what goes into a successful relationship and start laying groundwork for good communication, mutual attraction, fixing/healing whatever underlying issues caused it to end in the first place, etc., before you do anything else. Someone can “commit” to you with hollow words and still be distant, emotionally unavailable, and treat you as low priority.


Yes. Got married, too.

Happily ever after 22 years now.


Yes, although mine was not geared towards a specific person.

do tell?