For those who are in contact with Amon

So I’ve been thinking next week of doing a different spell but. It sure how to go about it as I’ve still haven’t gotten in contact with him. If you are in contact with Amon, how long do you go in between spells? can you ask him if the petition I’ve done is still in progress? Is really appreciate jt

Today I had a dream my ex had a new boyfriend and was posting all sorts of stuff on her IG :expressionless: pretty interesting.

Did you ask him for a sign of the work in progress afterwards?
even if you can’t physically see progress doesn’t mean that it’s not working. You just need to be confident enough to know that with or without signs it’ll work. Usually at least for me it happens when you least expect it such as when you’ve completely forgotten about it for a while.

I learned it that way. That even if you have no clue if it’s working or not you just gotta let it flow through and let it surprise you one day.

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I didn’t ask during the ritual. I did ask a couple times after but never got it. I was just wondering if anyone here speaks to him, could they ask him about my progress and my next move. I had so much doubts coming into my mind at one point, idk if that messed up the ritual

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I’ve had doubts too but in the end I got what i asked for because I let it go or forgot about it.
Hopefully you get what you asked for aswell

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is it necessary to make pacts with him?