For those who are gamers or fiction fans

What’s your take on occult symbols, themes, names, and references in fantasy game or fiction?

Usually when these elements are used, its generally from a Christian perspective. As in keeping to the Christian dichotomy of spiritual good vs evil, with a good god or pantheon of gods of light fighting against an evil god or pantheon of gods of darkness, general imagery of angels fighting demons, good and evil types of magic, emphasis on faith vs sin, and a basic polarizing dark and light, all to fit a fantasy setting. Or the more extreme version with anything to do with magic being purely evil and demonic with some secret sect of religious affiliates fighting against some supernatural horror.

I’m trying to replace the good vs evil dichotomy with chaos (change and individualism) vs order (status quo and collectivism). So things that are dark relate to powers that challenge systems of thought and transform them and light with powers that protect these systems and resist change. Neither inherently good or evil but subjectively capable of falling to either side.

I want to ask what your opinion is on this. For example, can I openly depict a pentagram, or should I use a not so well known symbol? Can I aim for a more occult friendly audience? Is the gamer community too secular to be offended?

I think it’s fine, it’s just a game/fiction for entertainment purposes.


Honestly, the Occult Gamer group is a lot smaller than the Gamer group as a whole. I think building a good game is more important than building a game accurate to Occult beliefs. It is a game after all. That said, if you can do both, that’s better.


I’ve played Doom 2016 recently. As most media, the symbolism isn’t at all accurate. Maybe that’s why it’s fun. It’s an experience, that doesn’t care for propriety.

But can dark imagery be used on the side of good?

I am avoiding terms like Satan or Lucifer and going with more obscure names like Azazel or Belial.

I mean Persona 5 used all of them and got very positive points from it lol.


I mean, I’m not really a gamer but I admit I’ve played obey me before. They’re just games, not really much to delve into.

I ask because of how sensitive people can be and whether or not that can impact progress.

Raum’s sigil is not very well known. I’m talking about a full pentagram.

Most games show occult symbolism because it makes the game more interesting, not that it’s occult, but because most games are prone to using mythological figures with a touchup and it sparks people’s interest on how a good story ties into the game.

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I like to think that this game is an offering to the gods.