For those of you who run succesfull business what type of magick do you prefer?

Just wanna hear your experiences with business and magic
Any insights will be helpful


While I don’t have a business per se, I’m a freelancer, and I use rune magick (Fehu, to be specific) to help bring in new clients.

My experience with this? Fehu never lets me down. When business is slow, or my wallet is emptier than I’d like it to be, I call Fehu, and 9/10 times within 3 days, something pops up better than I’d have expected.

I could go on about my love for Fehu forever, but to be entirely fair, every client and revenue stream I have right now is due to that rune.

A couple of weeks ago, I ended up calling on Fehu twice in one week because I panicked, and my god, I nearly drowned in the sea of work that flooded in days afterward.


My business name has fehu in it and logo is based in fehu but i am struggling
How should I properly invoke fehu’s energy to get clients


My business is around web design
I do alot of cold dms etc


I’m a copywriter and ESL teacher.

Well, for a quick buck, I usually draw Fehu on my wrist 3 times.

But if I’m really trying to call in the big guns, I meditate, visualize the rune, tell it what I want, thank it, and send it on its way. Then I’ll still draw Fehu on my wrist. I usually will also sort of speak it into existence as I’m drawing the rune onto my wrist. But I don’t go beyond saying, “Money flows abundantly to me,” or “I have an abundance of wealth” - things like this, as Fehu represents abundance. I’ll repeat this three times and say, “As I will it, it is so. Fehu, bring me what you know.” Then I just let go and trust Fehu to do its part.

I’m not sure if it matters, but this is Freya’s rune, and I have a really good relationship with her. I don’t know if that has any effect on the situation or not.

If you’re struggling with Fehu, maybe you could ask Freya about it.


Wouw, I connected today literally to ask a question about getting more jobs as a freelance. With your post, I probably don`t need to.
So with this rune, you’re simply attracting jobs. Do you ever try to win a specific job where there’s competition? Would Fehu be useful for that?

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So that’s where I like to give Fehu a bit of creative freedom. However, I’ve used it for specific jobs/clients in the past, and I still do if I come across something I really want.

But I’ve found if I give Fehu the task of bringing me an abundance of wealth without any specifics, I often get better clients and projects than I would have thought to ask for.

But, back to your question, here’s a rundown of an experience getting a specific client and more than I had asked for with Fehu:

So, I had a project I really wanted, but it was kind of unrealistic based on my qualifications at the time. I drew the name of the company on a piece of paper, the project underneath it, and then Fehu on the back of the paper three times. I added a drop of blood over Fehu’s runes and burned the paper. As I burned it, I repeated three times, “The client is overjoyed with my work for them.”

Once I’d finished, I thanked Fehu, drew the rune on the underside of my wrist, over the veins, and went to bed. Each morning after that, I’d wake up and thank Fehu, repeat the statement about the client being overjoyed, and then go on with my day and try to forget about it.

Two days later, the client contacted me wanting not one but two articles at nearly double the rate I normally asked for. The client/company told me they’d decided not to go with the other writer.

Before this, when I spoke with them, they had been unsure about moving forward as my experience level at the time wasn’t quite as much as they’d have liked, and my area of expertise wasn’t really what they were looking for; they’d all but directly said they weren’t interested.

Something else to note:
One thing I didn’t mention in my previous comments that might make a difference in my experience with this rune is I do treat it like a little god, an entity with a mind of its own. Fehu has helped me out of more situations than I can list.

There are times when I’ll do small rituals of appreciation for Fehu or simply take a moment, breathe in and out, and focus as much gratitude as I can towards that wonderful little rune for being in my life at all. I don’t know if this stuff matters, but I’m trying to give you guys the full picture of how I work with this rune.


If i know the name of the company i am messaging about my services
What can u recommend me?
Same method?

Write name and draw the rune
But i cant add blood
Is saliva enough?

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Same method works. Saliva, for me, has never been as effective as blood.

Now, this may not be the case for you, and I strongly recommend that if you try the ritual, do it in a way or modify it in a way that feels right for you.

So, if you want to use saliva, go for it. The best way to find out if it works for you is to give it a shot.

So the mindset is similar to love magick, better attract what’s best for you even if you don`t know what it is yet, then trying to force someone specific (well, maybe occasionally).

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. Going to read my book about runes!


DO you think it could help even to find a better job?

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Yes I do. It can attract new avenues of wealth into your life.


Dit it ever happen to you to bid on jobs, where basically the fastest gets it as opposed to someone chosing you? I`m dealing with that situation as well.

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I actually have not had this situation before. I can’t speak on the rune’s usefulness to that specifically. But I would say it’s still an avenue of wealth and could possibly be applied to this as well.

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A lot of you guys asked me about Fehu and I wanted to give an update on using Fehu again this week. This earned me an extra $200 on a client payment that was only supposed to be 300. They decided to give me a bonus for my hard work. This came around 24 or so hours after calling on the rune.


I notice something in runes are fast,yes but it gets a addictive then you want to draw boths mix not sure the word bindrunes? Wat ido is expand such atract sales customers, increase sales note atract and increase and offerings to any spirt I’m working whit ,another is carry a seal whit me,to attract .it not interfering whit no other spells,but reaching same goal

Blood Magic, aka black magic, sex magic, binding, is at the top of its game ! It instantly makes the spell, or ritual ours, you own it, bind it to you. The color red of blood is also a fast indicator for speedy results. It’s for gain nothing else ! Done it many times with a success rate mainly 8 out of 10 times working perfectly, 9th time somewhat of what I wanted and sometimes had to repeat to gain but not often. As for runes, all depends what rune attracts you to it, what one do you like, what one do you believe in, and most of all what one works for you !

And for success in business well black candles and oils and writing all in one ritual worked for me. I will not give out my rituals but thats my success from magic in business.

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