For Those of Haitian or African Descent

[quote=“Euoi, post:17, topic:3047”]Exactly. The spirits will want you to get initiated if they desire for you to know them better. It will happen if they want it.

In Quimbanda at least, you can be initiated without being a Tata. Same goes for Santeria. I’m not sure about voodoo.

Also one thing you cannot do as a non initiate is bargain. You basically have no authority or right to do so that the spirits will recognize. You can give them offerings a nd politely ask, but you have zero guarantee anything will be done. Initiation is recognized by the spirits.
Tatas, houngans, olorishas etc. Can also read for you, to find out who’s in your spiritual court. Otherwise it’s just hit and miss. Though, I will say the Pomba Giras I was attracted to when I read Frisvold’s, a number of them were in my court. But not all of them.[/quote]in Santeria you don’t really bargain with the Orisha. There’s no guess work involved either. The client sits at the mat and gives the consultant. The prayers are said the client put the shells to their mouth and asks what they want to know. The Santero throws the shells and depending on how they land tells you what Odu you are dealing with. It’s a story that talks about the situation your going through at that time. I know it’s real because I’ve gotten at least 40 to 50 readings through the years and they always talk about the problem I needed to fix. Now then the Santero asks if you are coming in a positive state or a negative state. That also depends on what you should expect. With that comes the Ebbo. The ebbo is what you can do to fix the problem and make things go in your favor. With the odu is a list of ebbos to do that will fix the problem. The Santero then asks is this what you want? Yes or no. You can bargain in a sense that you will ask for the small stuff first. Oh and the Odus tell you what Orisha is standing up to defend you. Like 9 times out of 10 if your haveing money or love issues Ochun is the one that stands up to defend you. I like Santeria Ocha Palo and Ifa because they are a set structure of doing things that get results. Not just guess work like ok let me get this herb and that put the persons name in a jar and bam they’re in love with me. Hoodoo has worked for me on some occasions but I would never rely on it to fix seriouse situations in my life. Like if have a serious court case in going to Orula to fix my problem. I’m not playing any games when it comes to my life.

The problem with spiritualists is that there is fine line between spiritual and crazy. People are fucking up thier lives because they read a few books and start doing things on thier own. This is why I believe in initiation. Because you have a teacher that tells you how to do it. Not tell you what to do. But to make sure you do it the right way. You have to learn to follow befor you can lead. And guess what they were a client that had to pay just like you. All these guys on here that say fuck that you can do it yourself. I want to know how their life is. They only know the truth because you can make your self out to be anything on a forum. Everybody that I know that doesn’t go by tradition has a shitty life. There’s all these idiots on YouTube. Like this one woman that talks about oh I’m a child of Yemaya then next week she’s a child of Chango. Then she talking about being a light worker in reiki, real reiki has to be given to you. The energy is passed from teacher to Student. A good friend of the family went to Japan or what ever country it started in and studied for a year then came back to America and started giving to people. She gave it to my mother and I for free. She charged everybody else 1000’s for it. Any way this women is full of shit. All these ramas take years of study to get results. And with anything real and substantial you have to pay.

Initiation properly performed is getting your masters degree in your spiritual education. As Jay stated it’s about learning the proper way to do things, but also about respecting the traditions that the spirits honor.