For the Witch/Warlock

Which Witch are you?


It said as a Pisces, I’m a Faery/Nature Witch. It was right on the money when it said that no Pisces is truly 100% comfortable in this world, and that they are always seeking out others and hidden truths.

True. I feel peace near the Ocean/Mountains and near Nature.
I’m a Virgo but born on the cusp of Exposure… which makes me Kinda lika a Leo too… But I don’t know much about Astrology…

I’m a Elf Witch. I do study elemental Magick and The element linked to Taurus is the Earth.

You have the best of both worlds.

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Thanks :smile:
It cause conflict often though because Virgo and Leo are like Opossite…


I don’t know much astrology either. In fact I just Googled my birthday and clicked on this site what they described about me IMO was 90% correct.

I feel that. Aquarius/ Pieces cusp. My logical and emotional sides clash quite often.


I took into account my Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign with this.

Dominant/Nature/Elemental magick (Capricorn Sun), Lightning magick/energy manipulation (Sagittarius Moon), Intuition/divination (Scorpio Ascendant).

If this video is accurate, I’ve got some badassery in my chart for things.

Basically everything I’m already good at.


After reading what you did, I decided to try the same

Dominant/Nature/Elemental magick (Capricorn Sun)

Energy manipulation and sensing (Gemini moon)

Music sorcery (Libra ascendant)

First two are dead on, and in regards to music I agree but I haven’t tried using it for spells… Time to start lol