For The Musicians 😈

Scry into Music itself next you listen to a song…any Song. Attempt to feel and see what the music is made of. You will feel subtle Vibrations in your body. This is music.

You will also see various streams of Light and different shapes representing each instrument and sound. Depending on the vibe of the artist, the music Energy will have a different tint or color to it.

Take this further and you can instantly know which note is which when you hear it also known as Perfect Pitch.

But thats Not the point of this post…

Musical Vampirism
Wanna add to your own “Music Resivor” internally? Vampirise the songs you hear and suck the music out of it.
Feels fucking amazing.

This is a good way to improve your Ear and how much Music is in what you write, play, and sing.


Do rituals over the songs and beats you make, and push Music itself (as an energy) into it.

Just some tips for Next level occultism. Ive done this myself with a few beats i made.


Hey I’ve done this before.

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Headbangers sometimes tend to do this without knowing. Aka how the moss pit came into existence.

Now that I think about it, I should do it too. Fecking love Reggaeton!