For the "I cant meditate people"

first ask yourself this “why i cant meditate”
what is holding you back? maybe lound enviroment? then find a quiet

your mind is full of things?you can simply let those go or simply allow the thoughts come and go same things with feelings simply dont lose yourself there,only observe them

or you simply cant meditate?

-i had this problem too,like i tried EVERY meditation thechique out there from visualization,mantra,focus to hypnosis videos but NONE of them work
trust me, i tried a shit ton of them but i concluded the reason why,its not the enviroment its not that you maybe not used to this or whatever but the thing causing it was bad breathing
once that i realize that i started working on it i searched on you tube “how to breath correctly”
and founded this video

i did these breathing techique and worked amazingly once you start breathing correctly you will find meditation is simple as hell.

I needed this thanks


Gonna try this asap!


Good Content!

Thank you, Xag_darklight


@Xag_darklight Thanks. I’ll try it because meditation is a bitch for me :slight_smile:

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aslo try to not push it,simply let it happen,go easy and gentle