For’tash - Self-Defense, Removing Obsticals

Something that I have been working on with For’tash on myself and would like to share. Because one of the hardest obstacles to remove from your path are the ones that are rooted in yourself and For’tash is one recommended (or at least to me) for such a task.

As this is the result of time spent on the forms, reading and learning from the community here and the learning environment that I live in, and I am thankful to both, I feel I should share this. Feel free to use this and or edit to fit your needs.

On paper, write the obstacles to be removed. Think on them, how they have impacted your life and then think on how things will be without these things.

I desire, in the name of Lord For’tash, that these obstacles be removed from my path and my life Now and Forever More
Unhealthy Selfishness
Self Loathing
Self Destruction
with no harm to me or mine.
I thank you, Lord For’tash for making this desire a tangible, physical reality Now and Forever More
Amon Ra

Light the paper with the listed obstacles on fire, naming each obstacle out loud as it burns.

Then go forth and feast on a sandwich. Or don’t. Maybe a nice salad or ice tea.


Lord Ganpati is also famous for removing obstacles :slight_smile: