For some reason I am surprised by the forms I get with my evocations

I’ve tried evoking countless times. I have yet to get an outward physical manifestation though it does not surprise me since I rarely use a candle or incense in it (save those for only the really planned out rituals, most evocations I do are on the stop and spontaneous, something clicks in my head and its time to bring the circle out, lol).

Anyway, the point I’m getting at is i always believed that the “demonic” forms of for example demons were an exaggeration and that while they can appear that way, they could also appear in a more human form.

Though lucky me (hah), they dont seem to like doing that, during evocations there are times when I close my eyes, and in the darkness no white mist forms, but the being in black and white itself appears, sometimes the full upper body, other times only the eyes. But I see it staring back at me. I have seen very demonic forms, with horns and all. The latest evocation was a multiple evocation, and one being reminded me of what an alien would look like based on the stuff we see about ufos. The other had sunken in features, almost skeletal/corpselike, it had deep dark round eye sockets with intense unnatural eyes in the middle, with arms crossed over its chest as if it was in a casket (or like its arms were chained to its body), it was moving and it moved its mouth as well as if it let out a powerful growl/roar? (a.k.a. the kind of thing lions do). it was all very intense, but I am surprised that I havent seen even one represent itself as a human or humanlike.

Perhaps I am seen as strong enough to handle the darker forms that they can take? The main reason I wonder this is even in the descriptions that come with the sigils (the ones who do have them) they were often represented as looking close to human with a few defining features.

The only good thing for sure that I know comes from this, is how it is a form of proof of real contact. There is no way that I imagined the forms, because the forms that I create in my minds eye when reading about the beings, are literally NEVER what I see when they show up, heck they show up looking like something completely unexpected and not something I could make up on the spot.

Hmm, well either way, tell me your thoughts on it.

P.s. I know that at least one of these beings was powerful, since out of the corner of my eye I did see a dark figure appear but when I turned it wasn’t there, and a song I was playing on my phone starting having issues, stopped, then after a couple of seconds started again, while that had never happened before on it. On its own it could be seen as a small phone glitch, but happening during a multiple evocation is too coincidental.

I cant see faint pictures I guess impressions of them in my third eye. Ive talked about this in alot of posts. I dont have any of the experiences that ive read about on the posts on this forums. Maybe it will cone more with practice. Ive only done 3 full blown evocations so far and they all brought the results I wanted. So what ever it is it works. For the amount that I know I should be applying it way more. Ive spent the past year studying evocation and black magic. Ive read all of E.a’s books. The point is you can read and read and watch the youtube videos but practice makes perfect. Now what i try to do is the day before open the sigil of the demon or spirit Im trying to evoke and light a candle on top of the sigil. The next day I do my evocation. Alot of people look at my posts and ask why I always ask about evocations when im a tata in palo. I like to experiment to see what gets the best results. I know what Palo can do. Its some powerful shit. I love my Muertos and I feel so blessed to be in their spiritual family. I always have them no matter what but for some reason Im really drawn to evocation. Ever since I was a little kid Ive always wondered what it would be like to do this.