For people who do baneful magic, how do you maintain a well emotional state?

I’ve read about how when someone curses, they take anger and weaponize it. However, there can be side effects. For example, the energy from the curse can corrupt the caster from the inside, and may cause him/her to act more hostile to the point where family and friends can notice. Would any of you have any methods on how to counteract this from happening, and how to maintain a well emotional state after cursing?


Don’t do things you’re morally opposed to is my best advice.

In a ritual I’ll be posting about soon-ish I’m going to write about the difference between justification and forgiveness. I have killed with magick. And I have justified it as protective measures. It was protective, that’s 100% true. But stopping at justification bars me from feeling any other emotions about it. That’s isn’t all the way healthy as you might imagine, so my next shadow work on death (magick) will be about that.

In terms not connected to myself, it’s up to you. You choose what you feel about it. You choose how it affects you. You can resist or embrace. You can move on or keep looking back. You can become caught up, or let it go. Everyone reacts differently to baneful workings (I don’t mean making some trip, I mean truly baneful) because everyone is different on the inside. Where your shadows perch and hide, that’s where people get fucked up after doing baneful. They get scared, often of themselves. Know your power. Don’t be afraid of (no matter who else is). And accept yourself, completely and as you are.


For me the curse is a release of negative energy and emotions. Like a spiritual vent. I pour everything into it, all the anger, hatred, grief, or otherwise is put into the curse and I feel better about it afterwards. Never worse. I only care about results I want, not justifications or ramifications, but only enough that I can let it go and let it manifest and not obsess over it.

As meow said, don’t do what you find morally upset, otherwise that’s where your spell will fizzle and you’ll get stuck with negative residue.

If for some reason you do feel bad about it afterwards, shadow work to learn why, and either work through getting over it or just don’t do it that way again.


I make sure I spend plenty of time staying grounded and balanced, which can be difficult if it’s an emotionally charged topic/event/etc. If you stay too long in any particular state of mind, it becomes unhealthy, so I look to balance everything. Meditation, in whatever form, helps with that.


It’s important to cleanse yourself and your space after performing baneful magick. Play done high vibrational music, take a spiritual bath, get outside and ground in nature. Don’t allow the negative energy to hang around.


I’ll tell you how I do it. I build my anger and my rage into a crescendo during the rite. I spend all my cruelty and malice on my targets.

When the rite is complete I’m finished and spent. I am an empty emotional vessel at that point.

I also am a believer in the philosophy that when you smote your enemies you smote them and then walk away from it. Detach and wash your hands of It.

I think practioners may go wrong if they’re trying to weaponize hate and anger and after a rite they still feel like festering emotionally on the targets. That’s where it becomes corrosive and unhealthy.


I prefer to get rid of my emotions in a spell or a ritual setting somehow, put things down on paper in writing, have a few drinks and process things, and exhaust myself of whatever I’ve been shouldering somehow, some way. By the time I’m done with my routines for magickal practices i can’t feel a single thing at all.


Usually if I am performing something baneful, it is to vent out the pent up hostility inside of me as spells are more potent with pure intent. I take that raw emotion and place it all in ritual as a way to push it from my conscious and allow the universe to do what it will with it. I found that cutting myself from that emotion the second the ritual is done, the hatred I experience doesn’t bog me down anymore.

I find that if you’re unable to detach from the situation/control yourself well after the ritual, then you should reconsider what exactly is bothering you, write it down to find the real source, and look for alternative methods to resolve the issue to avoid spell backfire.

Sometimes what you may be cursing someone for is due to unwarranted reaction spawned from a hurt ego or what you think may fix your issue may not exactly be what’s best for the situation.


Simple: Cast curses with full conviction. Also, stay very grounded.
Easy peasy if you are not a sissy. :+1: