For new students: A willpower building excerise that actually works

Greetings new students of the LHP.

I’d like to introduce you to a practice that comes from a book called “Wisdom of the Mystic Masters” by Joseph Weed

This excercise is an excellent compliment to training your clairs.

A magician or practicioner needs to have a strong, trained will in order to command some of the spirits and forces within the LHP current.

Here’s how I train my will.

What you will need
One box 500 count blue tip matches

Sit down in front of an open table. Dump the matches out of the box in front of you.

Take a match, turn it to where the head faces left and place it back in the box.

Do the same for each individual match in the box.

This may seem boring but I assure you it will challenge your resolve, and build your “see something through” faculties. This builds discipline and attention and willpower.

Do this excercise three times a week for one or two months for best results.

You will notice a stilling of your mind and a greater ability to focus on one task directly in front of you.

These are necessary abilities that magicians really owe it to themselves and thier practice to master.

Good luck with your studies.

Mike B


Great advice. Sometimes we, or some people, tend to want to “do a willpower ritual” when what actually needed is just doing the work. Spirits are not always required, nor should we excessively depend on them. Self improvement is where the gold is. Thanks.


I agree completely @anon41658706

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Nice topic

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I have a box now, I should try this.

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