For my own note

These are all I think 20 requests you guys have given me. I actually have 21 which is one for a friend. Many Court case and money spells. Hope we have a great session guys!

TheLotusEater: Money and Business

Seeker: Large Sums of Money

MichaelSmith: The ability to communicate with spirits through physical senses including sight and hearing

calmbeforestorm: Public prosecution service to drop the case initiated by his sister

DarkestKnight: Help with finances that are preventing him from doing his own magick.

Vergil: Continuous Financial and magical improvement.

Musta_Krackish: Fine tuning inner vision and other astral senses such as hearing and seeing spirits.

EpicGnome: Success in sales of his book.

Defectron: Success in all money making ventures online. or cross the abyss.

Brutus: Help developing psychic vision and hearing.

Dellamage: Reconcile with ex.

Trucomallica: Smoothly shift life and work to being a great forex trader and managing money for clients.

Frater Apotheosis: move in a different direction and go back to my original spiritual focus of healing and helping others

Bodomite: Win upcoming court case.

Brutus: abundance of wealth, or joy and happiness, or healing for a good friend of mine

Orismen: to really get the energies flowing in my life to get a better job after college cause I will have to payback student loans

Cogitation: Wisdom, Freedom from enemies.

Darth Mordus: a young friend of mine is in a severe emotional situation and has already attempted suicide. She could use all the spiritual help she can get.
She needs comfort and strength.

Icarus: Getting a job as cna pefereably with higher pay than is normal for someone with my experience.

Custer: Increase of sales online and in stores.