For individuals who are struggling to manifest their desires

For individuals who are struggling to manifest their desires.

Now I’ve met and come into contact with many individuals and magicians who have done mountains of research.

Who have tried various methods and techniques of spell casting, rituals, divination and evocation with no results whatsoever.

They begin then questioning the validity of Magick and the occult. This manifests in doubt, disbelief and sometimes depression can be stirred in the magicians psyche.

Here I will explain the process and break down how a desire can become manifest.

  1. The magician might have disbelief of doubt which can work against ones Magick.

  2. The desire must be realistic, what I mean is this realm is limited. Therefore the desire must be able to exist in this four dimensional plane.

  3. The desire must first be manifested in the astral before it can manifest in this physical world.

  4. The mathematical inclined minds, including the over analytical minds find it difficult to do Magick. This is why the magician must drop mind.

  5. Lack of confidence in ones own capabilities to perform magick can also work against ones work.

  6. The individual may have a hardtime, tapping into one’s own imagination.

  7. The imagination is a trait which we developed as a species through our evolution. It is the gateway of power, there is a difference between imagination and what’s often called ‘The living or Magickal Imagination’.

  8. Third party disbelief in Magick, another words if you are surrounded by people that tell you, Magick isn’t possible, they can be manipulating your psyche.

  9. Unclear intention can cause the psyche to have blockages as well as misdirected desire, causing many obstacles which may cancel the whole working.

  10. Confliction, this can be your emotions and thoughts aren’t aligned with the goal.
    It can also be conflicting energies in the rite itself.
    Confliction could also be the spirits we call on if you call on various spirits which nature’s are in conflict with eachother this can cause problems.

  11. Blockages in self, many dismiss this but it does happen, it even happens to many masters and adepts. Blockages can vary from energetic blockages, from subconsciously vamping others thereby drawing on unwanted energy.
    Blockages in circumstances for example if your trying to manifest something, there might be other things you have to destroy in order to create.

  12. The will of others, this is a major blockage, has anyone cursed you. Binded you, prayed for you, or even other thoughts might conflict with your goal.

  13. Your own power may have become stagnant, if we don’t exercise our power it doesn’t continue to flow.

  14. Realisation, what I mean specifically is some of us don’t realise what we truly are.
    We are the most extraordinary beings in existence, we aren’t physical beings having a spiritual experience.
    We are spiritual being trying to instead experience a physical experience.

Let’s step away from the list for a second, let me explain something to you. Regardless of your race, regardless of your age, your environment, regardless of anything.

YOU are the most powerful, most unique being in existence. You are capable of miracles, some of us just don’t realise it. We have been cashed and lied too and manipulated.

You are the vehicle for which all power and knowledge may flow through, if your struggling with Magick.

Evaluate your situation, your environment and yourself. Take note of this list, I understand that many individuals can just start in Magick and it works. However many of my old apprentices have had problems where Magick didn’t work for them at all until we fixed their problems.

Follow this and remember you have the power and the capability to do magick, the one major component is trusting yourself.




Thanks amazing advices, very helpful

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Yes, thank you! I will be referring back to this:)

Thank you @C.Kendall for posting this advice. As usual when ever you post it’s always worth the read. :slight_smile:

Your welcome

Thank you for this list it really made me think about what my problem is in a particular situation I am working on. My issue is #9. I know what I want to have happen and its all positive but then I start thinking about the past and all this hatred and all these negative thoughts emerge. Almost like having a split personality. How can I work through this?

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This post is everything! Thank you so much for it! If there are any spells and rituals you have in mind as well in regards of manifesting desires, tips or tricks would be much appreciated. Thank you again

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Thank you I would like to learn more from you.