For Hire?

well that’s good, and let me say also that I think a curse of some sort is correct in this regard, but you gotta take care of yourself first! You mentioned that you can be hotheaded, that has made an all too easy target so far, so, in some instances you want to be all fired up but in your case it might work better to be cold and clear as ICE when you do the working.

Good luck and post pics of your new apartment! :wink:

Got a question though.

Since I’m already doing my online business, he must know what I’m trying to do, and so far all he does is talk abouthow he’s gonna copy my techniques and steal what I know. It sounds very unsettling to me, because of the way he always stalks me, follows my every move, and talks about it every time I do something with my computer. I always told him to just look it up on Google to know what I know, but the way he always follows my every move is very unsettling, and quite disturbing. I think he abuses his power to get what he wants.

What do I make of this?

What do I do guys? Should I just let it go every time he stalks me and guesses what I type on my computer? But then I have no choice. I guess I’m just sick of being stalked and being manipulated by him that I’m jaded anymore.

What is it that you didn’t understand in my pm, Yuki? Please don’t waste my time if you’re not sure about what it is that you want.

How’s the apartment hunt going?

ANswered your pm, bran!

The solution to this is so frikkin simple. Let him know its coming too. All the fuckin better. A Mark A$$ little kid though? Really? Has this been dealt with yet? Bind the little booger with a male shaped candle. Conjure an entity to drive him mad and bind it to a nail, and drive that f%#$^ng thing straight through the ajna area of the candle and throw it into a fire offering him as a sacrifice to the inferno. Better luck next incarnation you lil prick!.. sorry. The whole nature of this thing just drove me nuckin futts! O.o

I see you believe in the Three E’s of cursing, too! Efficiency, Expedience, Elegance!

I suspect we’ll get along quite well.

I suspect the same! The three E’s… I like it! :slight_smile: Regardless, if this lil prick could write an auto-biography in the after life it would be entitled… “Well… That Didn’t Work”