For Hire?


I’m quite new to the forum as seen in my post count, but thanks for reading anyway. : )

I’ve wanted to perform rituals but my privacy at home is invaded by specific people who happen to be my neighbors. Not exactly next-door neighbors, but people who live closely nearby. To be honest with you I’m not too sure as to where exactly they live, because I haven’t seen their face up close and personal.

The story is, almost 4 years ago in 2011, we moved in to our new house in a new city, new neighborhood. One day my mum and I were walking down the street, when someone kept yelling “Bata! Bata! Bata!” Bata means child, and people often throw that at me to insult my appearance. You see, I’m already 28, but extremely short that my height belongs to a child, but because I’m an adult people would often insult me that way by calling me that name. It really hurts, especially if you’re not doing anything to them yet they already judge you based on how you look.

In fact, I’ve been bullied for so many years now so when someone yells that word directed at someone I automatically know it’s me.

So anyway, I just ignored this kid (who was hiding behind the windows when I passed by) because I was with my mum. But when went home that night I heard him yelling the same words over and over again it really hurt. At first I didn’t pay attention, but as the days went on he kept calling me through the walls. I could hear him through our walls, and because I’m a hot-tempered girl and I get easily offended when someone calls that B word I’d hurl back insulting their looks too. So that queued the kid to know I could hear their voice, so we’d just hurl back and forth insulting each other.

But apparently this kid was so curious about my life, that he ended up accusing me of smuggling drugs to the airport to make money. I didn’t know where that came from, but maybe because he thought I wasn’t regularly going to work he thought I was making my “own” way of making money, and the rumor spread like wildfire. He spread it to his family, it worked me up, because they thought I would use the money to get plastic surgery and be famous. Well, I thought that rumor was ridiculous, so sometimes I just let it slide.

But what irked me the most - and I know some of you might not believe me - is the fact that he can read my thoughts and my actions. I found this out when I was mentally saying some phrase and he lurted it out. I thought it was just some coincidence, but I tested by mentally saying a very difficult phrase and he guessed it again. From then on I can’t do anything private anymore - especially surf the net - because he found out about the sites I was visiting, too. Well it might be no biggie to some people but I felt my privacy was deeply invaded, specially when he also guessed the same sites I was surfing one by one.

And since I’m not really working, I was home most of the time. So that really piqued his curiosity. He thought I was making some money my way, since I was always typing and surfing the net. (Honestly I’m making money online, I have a web business but I don’t tell anyone about this.) And he said outright that he will ‘imitate’ what I’m doing so that he can avoid the possibility of me making more money than him. He was worried that someday I might act ony my revenge since he was bullying me all this time, and he wanted to avoid that possibility of me turning the tables. He’d know the websites I’m visiting, the things I know, and he’d visit them. That really, really irked me inside, because a) I’m a private person so I don’t normally tell anyone my day-to-day business affairs and b) he reads my thoughts and follows my actions without my consent. That is completely outrageous, and whenever I reasoned out everything to him by telling him he can always go to Google to learn anything, and that he doesn’t have any right to peer into anyone’s life especially their neighbor’s without their consent, he’d just call me ugly as a retort and would just repeat what he already knew. This scenario keeps repeating itself over and over it’s making me tired, sick and numb. Like, I’m already used to it but I’m downright sick to my stomach at the situation I’m in. How can anyone be so guiltless insulting someone, then peaking into their personal lives, despite your efforts to tell them to stop? It’s so abusive, I’m SEETHING WITH ANGER right now as I type this.

I really want him to suffer for all the 3+ years of torment he’s been causing me. I’ve wanted to perform a ritual on him, but I can’t because when I’m home he keeps fussing over what I’m doing, he keeps asking me questions on my money-making efforts, he calls me ugly, he hurls at me various insults, and he thinks so highly of himself.

As an alternative to performing a ritual, I thought of hiring a real magician to ‘punish’ him. I know there are for-hire services at BALG, but they’re way out of my reach financially. Despite knowing this, I still want to know their effectiveness. I know that results are not guaranteed, but has anyone used their services and can you tell me about your experience?

Or better yet, if anyone of you (who’s experienced of course) can perform for me, can you please advise.

Sorry Mods if this is the wrong section for my thread. But pls don’t lock it as I’m really looking for help, you can just instead move it somewhere. Thanks everyone.

There is a thread on the healing section titled self defense. I used an exercise on that thread last night with some interesting results. Maybe that can offer you some relief until you find a solution.

What kind of problem were you facing and what result did you get from that healing you did?

Can you please link me to the method you did? Thanks.

I honestly don’t know how to do that. Just look at my profile and my posts and follow that.

I once had some ptoblms with a couple of telepaths I crossed in my life. Well, they’re not a big deal anymore hehehehhe.

Ill pick your fight, and the best part is that I wont charge you at all. Im really willing to have some creepy fun. Pm me details.

If you share a wall with this little bitch you could draw the sigil of a baneful spirit in your own blood on the wall you share with the prick and open it telling the spirit to attack relentlessly.

I’ve never done this but I read a post on here (a very old post) of someone who did and the victim was found dead a few days later.

Worth a shot.
I’m I’m the mood for destruction so if you and Diazin need any assistance let me know.
I need the target practice.

Thanks guys, for the help. Especially you, Daizin and Musta_Krackish. Sorry for the reply, I can’t access the internet yesterday and the other day coz I was at home, and since he can really, really read my thoughts he must know I’m accessing some forum on magick and sorcery.

Well, actually he already knew. (Sob) I went home last Friday night thinking about him, feeling really angry and hateful, and thinking how I can curse him, that he thought I was planning on cursing him.

This guy is completely insensitive to how I feel. I’ve been telling him (through our bathroom walls) that he’s so insensitive to the fact that he knows he’s hurting my feelings, and all he’s put me up with all these years, yet whenever I ask him to show himself he just wusses out. I even told him my name, yet he didn’t tell me his. He must be completely aware of what I might do to him, since I’m always threatening him to beat him up and that I’m not one shit scared of him even if he’s a guy. I tell him over and over he’s one piece of shit and he’s a scaredy cat for changing the topic whenever I tell him to come out of his house so we can have a one-on-one fight (he always resorts to calling me names like ugly or unattractive when he’s backed in a corner).

Another fact of the matter is I don’t even think I ever saw his face at all. The first encounter I had with him was in March 2011, when we just moved into our new home, and my mum and I were walking outside when we passed this tiny run-down store with a few people sitting. They were all adults, but there was this boyish voice (it was obvious it belonged to a young boy, since it really sounds like it) probably from behind its windows calling me out, calling me height offensive names. It was so painful. I thought I would never be bullied here, but I was wrong. And since then I’ve been living in hell. : (

I’ve seen a boy who had the same voice as him, and that’s when I said in another thread that I saw his face once, but looking back I had doubts it was him. : ( I don’t even think he gets outside of his house to play, since he’s always there whenever I think of him.

Diazin, I will PM you. Hope we’ll connect.

I think Nate Bales has prices that are reasonably low, lower then say E.A.s You could check him out.
There are very few instances where I have used a curse on someone. Granted I am nowhere near…hell not even in the same universe as some of the people on here, but I have used them. The very first time I used one was in high school, I was in grade 12, and for about two years I was bullied on the bus I used to travel home to, my family lived out in the country. These three older, bigger boys would target me, and sometimes other people, throw things at me, call me names etc etc. Normally I may try and pick a fight with one of them, but they were always together.

Anyways, I would come home, sad and hurt, and my family did not care one bit about what I was going through on that bus. My step dad just wanted to eat his dinner and my mother said “just ignore them”…yeah like that worked. She even gave me shit one day because I did not defend my sister when she became a target of the very same bullies. But what was I to do? Get my ass kicked by three bigger guys?

In my youth I had seen the power of demons, and knew they were real (keep in mind I knew ZERO about the occult or the left hand path or voodoo or anything!) So one day I did a prayer to Satan (I did not call him Lucifer), there was no candles, no circles, just a want, and a honest need and call to him. I ask him to help in the situation and get these three individuals out of my life, and to also give me the power to get back at bullies.

I read in one of E.A.s books where he describes how demons give power and the deal they make, to paraphrase E.A. he said something like “demons will give you the power, and you will use it, that’s the bargain.” That is so true!

After that prayer, I kept my eye closely on those three guys, especially one person in particular who I named in the prayer, and I said “if you can help out, even with only stopping one person, let it be name of person”

So what happened to those three boys? Within a month they were completely gone from my life, and I have never seen them again, one guy was expelled from the school, the other guy got arrested and I assume was also expelled, and the third guy, the one I named in the prayer, was going down a snowy hill head first on a toboggan, hit a tree and broke his neck. True story.

Now was this all because of that curse? I think so. I also noticed a starch change in my personality, I stopped putting up with crap from other bullies, and in some cases hurt people who I really shouldn’t have. So be careful what you ask for, you just may get it. So even if you can’t get someone on here, I’m sure a prayer or a ritual of some kind would not hurt to try…

UPDATE: I’m still living in this hell, still being stalked and threatened and harrassed by the people who live nearby. : (

Thing is there are a few people who offered me help but I couldn’t find anythign that could connect me tot them, such as a pic or a belonging they own. I didn’t realize that I could take a pic of their house where they could possibly live, and now that I have it I think I’m good to go.

Can someone offer me help? Again? Please? Ijust want them to shut up and never bother me again.

While he’s throwing insults at you, tie knots in a red or black cord to capture his voice. Get some raw meat, liquor, cigar, and lots of red peppers. Go to a crossroad and call for the spirits. Put the meat on a plate and place the string on top. Pour the liquor over it and light cigars and leave them burning. Offer all of this to the spirits. Then take nails and conjure up all the hatred you have for this kid, and start stabbing the shit out of the meat. Tell the spirits to attack and destroy him. Leave the crossroad and take a cleansing bath at home.

What do you do to stop a starving animal eating the meat with nails in?

Sorry if that sounds fluffy :slight_smile: but I don’t condone putting an innocent animal at risk of a really horrible death, intentional and humane sacrifice is one thing but not through just being careless.

Anything else? Something easier. Apparently he watches everything I do, he tries to guess everything I do, think and feel, and he insults me whenever I ignore him. This is just so out of control.

Is there a way that you can move somewhere else? You said you’re 28 and have your own internet business. I’m sorry if I missed the reason why you’re staying in such a damaging place, but it seems like moving could really improve your life, and once you are living somewhere healthier for you (on all levels) then you can start doing magic to improve your life further. At least you could get some distance from this nasty person who’s targeted you.

edited to add that someone could do some magic to get you your own place, help you with finding the best possible location for you, even help make your business more successful.

I don’t usually (actually never )advocate this but let him see what you are doing. A little psycho-drama may be just what is needed. Let him see that you are working to attack him on a spiritual level. If he’s as sensitive as you claim he could easily attract some negativity to himself from worrying or thinking about the “curse”.

Ldy Eva, throw the nails away. They’re used as weapons. You can also use a baton, knife, etc.

Where do these telepaths come from anyway? At age 45 I’ve experienced something similar. I notice that when I stop giving a shit, they let up.

Have you tried that approach?

Thing is they keep asking me what the hell I’m thinking, and my brain just spontaneously answers that question even fi I don’t want to. I probably have ocd, because I keep thinking some stuff and my mind hardly goes blank, so they try to guess what I’m thinking even if that is unimportant.

[quote=“Aumbra, post:13, topic:3801”]Is there a way that you can move somewhere else? You said you’re 28 and have your own internet business. I’m sorry if I missed the reason why you’re staying in such a damaging place, but it seems like moving could really improve your life, and once you are living somewhere healthier for you (on all levels) then you can start doing magic to improve your life further. At least you could get some distance from this nasty person who’s targeted you.

edited to add that someone could do some magic to get you your own place, help you with finding the best possible location for you, even help make your business more successful.[/quote]

I’ll def do that by the end of Jan or Feb at the latest. I can’t believe I put up with this shit for 4 years.

This is a strange situation and you definitely need to move out of there, to be honest I don’t know how I would deal with it, but you must be strong to put up with it for four years. It reminds me of something I’ve been reading about recently called “targeted individuals.” Is all of this stuff coming from the one person or are there others?

It’s jsut 1 person. But he has siblings and his family is huge, sometimes they join in, but it’s about him all the time.