For help

I love magic . magic is my life. But I am not able to fullfill my dream my dad lost job I don’t have money to practice magic. Even I don’t have money to buy candle I request some money help. I ask sole heartedly.

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Please help me, small help is also big

I trought at first magic will change my life, easyly but not, u have to invoqe spirts and work. Not even 1 job but 2 partime to buy suplies, and still finf the rgt magic yo will help you. Have u decode wat kind of magic,? Wat books to buy,? Its mot easy i have 3 months off and trust me, u can do magic. But its mot like im rich. It helps a lot. But spirts will tell you eat to do. And u will prpgress,

There is good news. A lot of the information and books on magic are out there in the vast internet for free. You do NOT need money or materials to start practicing. Tools are helpful, but the most important thing in casting powerful and successful magic is yourself. You can start working on that for free. There is no mystery to it.

Meditate. Learn how to visualize, to focus and concentrate, hone your mind to a sharp point to where reality will bend to your will (even in the slightest degrees). Learn how to breathe and how breath can help you fall into altered states of consciousness, and how to use those states to your advantage as a magician. Pick up energy work: do chakra work, learn a form of qi gong.

There is a lot in magic that does not require money, and the basics of basics -to even be an effective magician- is not hidden behind a paywall of any sort.

Snoop around the forum and you will find plenty of beginners guides, free meditations, how-tos, etc. There is something to answer nearly question if you look hard enough, including wealth and prosperity magic, if that interests you.


I have decided to practice healing and evocation. And I have lots of time and quiet place in mountains. Not that my father have no money. I am meaning that he is a drunkard. He will never give money to me. Its my position.

I have already mastered that. I want to move on to another level. Like I want to path work Ordo ascensum aetrylnals. It has exersices that require materials. It is the only hardcopy of a book I have purchased by stealing money from my father.

The OAA is VERY lite on materials needed to preform the pathworking. Colored candles are not that expensive. Chalices can literally be a cup you take and concentrate for that purpose, and you go and journey out to find your flame staff. Altars mentioned in the book do NOT have to be elaborate. A seal and a candle and whatever else the exercise calls for.

I am ignorant of what it is like in India, but are you able to work to make money for yourself?

If you already ‘mastered that’ you should be able to land a job without a hitch, manipulate your father into giving you money, or looking the other way, etc. There are hundreds of ways you can solve your own problem if you have the ‘basics’ of energy work down.

Chalice and candle are not popular in my area not even wine glass.

So can I use normal knife as an athame

But, I live in midst of mountains cannot go anywhere in lockdown. Its been 4 months living only on farm supplies

What if I tell you reality I am minor

Actually I can’t work

I also can’t talk to my father. Don’t have talked properly till I was5 years

If you have access to nature you have access to tools. Gather up some stones and build yourself an altar, find an old knife or blade and clean it up, carve yourself a wand out of a branch, find an old clay bowl, find some aromatic plants and herbs or woods and dry them out and you got incense just go around looking for things and making stuff. Also remember that the tools and rituals really are not even for the spirit but for you the magician. The purpose is to help you get in the right mindframe to do the work at hand. The only actual tool you need is your brain.


I am feeling emotional because I have never talked to anyone about anything that’s very much important to me

How old are you?

Thank u for giving time to me great suggetion.

17 started studying from 14.

Can you tell me best way to learn tarot reading.

Find an online tarot guide you can download for free… Also in america you can start working a job at 14 with a work permit and at 16 without a permit.