For Females: 12 Gatekeepers With Tiamat+Saturn

Visualization Exercise

Lay down with intense music playing. Imagine this while touching yourself:
Enter Saturn’s Black Cube, you see a black wedding bed with 12 seats around it. Lay down on it.

Feel his dark presence by your feet. He opens your legs and pull you towards his hard cock. You feel him enter you. Death itself is fucking you raw.

Allow it to pour it’s poison in. You look around and know without seeing them, ALL 12 Gatekeepers are watching this.

Without noticing it, Tiamat as come to your head, and she pours cum into your mouth from her pussy.
Swallow it. Feel the essence of time going down your spine. See a rainbow spiral.

Leave through it.

Raise above this scene. You see it’s a clock. With Tiamat as turned into the hour hand, and Saturn the minute hand.

All that is missing is the seconds hand. In that moment you see yourself as the fastest moving hand on this clock.

Simply write the word seconds on a plain piece of paper and place it in your wallet.