For EA

was reading through bardon’s initiation into hermetics this morning on an idea i had yesterday. i always hated that book because it is obtuse and long-winded. but this time i chose to mindmap the info and i realized something…

when i took the different practice applications and put them together into their own stems, i got three ten-step processes. some of the steps were unnecessary and others were put in the wrong place. so i swapped them out at the basic level.

when i did that, i realized that the information is bardon’s book is covered by the dvd courses on this site!

however, there are a few things that may or may not be in the courses you have made, or if they are, they are minor modules in the courses that can be expanded to create two more dvd sets if you want to do so.

when i finished rearranging, this is what i got:

: mastering trancework dvd’s: explain the process of undergoing a transformation of consciousness for magickal work

: mastering soul travel dvd’s: explain how to do remote viewing, astral separation and projection, and mental separation and projection

: mastering evocation dvd’s: explain spirit evocation of every type and thoughtform creation

: mastering invocation dvd’s: explain spirit communication on every level from divination to possession rites and pactwork on every level.

: mastering the devil’s stone dvd’s: explain the five elements of magick; how to use spirit electricity (breathing, circulation, rebalancing, and transmission of the five elements; and finally, the devil’s stone of creating objects out of thin air

the last part was the most telling: the devil’s stone information. bardon is obtuse and roundabout but in your own teaching you cut to the chase. therefore, you can probably upgrade bardon’s teaching and create another dvd set from the devil’s stone information in mastering evocation. it would be a pretty nifty addition to the work you have already done.

do whatever you want with this info, take it or leave it it’s up to you, for me it is just an interesting observation