For Duke Sallos!

I just wanted to say how amazing duke Sallos is! He works really fast and he really gives tons of chances when it comes to love!
He’s not a spirit for lust, but for true love. He can make someone love you, by using their feelings and not just energy. But he can also make you truly love someone.

Not many spirits do that! I mean, creating love without using the other person, in such short spam of time, is really amazing!

I’m glad to have worked with duke Sallos!


I like that. He inspires love and relationships.

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what exactly happened?

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I would also like to know what happened. Thanks.

I don’t want to get into any details. And since that’s an old post, not much happened, but Sallos does give chances when it comes to love, you just need to use them. I don’t currenty work with him, but he’s a spirit to consult when it comes to love matters. But then again, there are people more expert to love matters than I am. It’s just not my sector.

Interesting. I will do some reading up on Sallos.

I called on the Duke once. Zero results. :pensive:

Does creating love feelings in the target mean manipulating their free will?
Just a question.

Well, it’s debatable I guess…


In my opinion, no, because they would still have the option of not giving in to their emotions.

A lot of people seem to think that just because they use magick to make someone love them, that it automatically means the person will jump into a relationship with them, but it is very possible to love someone but not want to get together with them. Love does not equal a relationship, and the head can override the heart if the person wills it so.