For beginners

As a new beginner I want to know what are the steps to get revenge on someone. I don’t know who the person is but they stole my kids dirt bike. I’ll never forget the look on his face and I knew then that I have to get answers.


Find them and hitem up

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A little bit anarchy is always good,isnt it.
Find a spirit that is fair and stands against crimes,personally I dont know any but I think you can find it in this forum.

Well if you want a demon, one from the goetia, Haures seems like a good pick. But if you want an angel then probably Michael. Its hard to curse people without knowing their location or their name. Maybe you could summon a demon and ask it about different people and it will probably know who took it. Then you can take revenge but i must warn you, if youre not careful they can end up died. Of course the choice is up to you, just make sure youre positive you want to curse someone.

Have you explored other approaches to changing your experience? Using baneful magick is certainly one approach that’s valid in its own right but it is a very temporary solution: the real job is to find out what within you led to this experience.

There are no necessary procedures unless you insist on following some grimoire but self-examination is a strongly recommended first course of action.
If you must go about shadow boxing, then try the entities from the Necronomicon Spellbook, i.e. Suhgurim, Zahrim, Zahgurim or Tuku. I’ve used them and they’re effective but they will also expose the real enemy, i.e. your lack of self-knowledge and the “offensive” internal thought-feeling pattern that caused the external effect.

You could also consider any spirit associated with Mars or Saturn ( :slight_smile: check out some Pentacles of Solomon connected with Saturn :slight_smile: ) or evoke Tyr and Thor. Archangel Michael etc. Many symbolic choices.