For all those

…who didn’t believe at all in me…

Good for you!

It just means that Magic is still not at everyone’s grasp :wink:

That makes me happy…
And on top of that!

My Prayers have been answered :smiley:

Oh Sunas, I know good and well what is around you, I met its boss very recently and we had a pretty fun time together, very charming lady. And I will say I wasn;t wrong about what it was, or what it would do to you, though certain aspects of it surprised even me. Oh Sunas if only you knew who it was that your working for. Oh well, I’ll tell you what I’ll try to ask my freind to let you know when time runs out.

I’ll give you all a clue, watch the episode of adventure time where Finn gets the smart glasses

Everything small is actually a smaller version of something big!

I’m telling you Pendelton Ward must secretly be an occultist, he knows stuff!

I know…

It is almost near…

I am being joined by another one just like me, it is going to be a Feist!

And i know by whom it is " sponsored ".

It is Mister B

I was going to comment on that… but I think I’ll just not do that. Your energy will be put to a good use.

Its true!

Peppermint Butler - DO IT FOOLS
Adventure Time - Finn’s Deathbed

Ignore this guy, this is such a transparent cry for attention.

Shut up Tin Tin What the F

Yeah Pen Ward if not an occultist is definitely ahead of his time. Awesome cartoon, I can see this show putting ideas into the minds of our youth and I couldn’t be happier.