For all the conspiracy nuts!

I was married to a reptile!?

Ok, so my husband, who I am no longer living with, is of the Astor bloodline. I’d known him most of our lives, yet somehow this fact alluded me until after we were married.

We used to work opposite shifts, so he would come home while I was sleeping and slip Into bed, shortly before I was due to get up. Anyway, every so often I talk in my sleep. And everytime he would come to bed, I would slightly awaken, but not really. But it would always freak me out when he came to bed.

Apparently one time I sat up, freaking out, and told him everytime he came in the room, i felt a presence. He asked if I thought he was a burglar. I said, no, still talking somewhat in sleep mode, and told him he was a big, square dinosaur!

He didn’t have much to say about that, and it was never mentioned again. Just wanted to share with here. I married a fucking reptilian!


That’s badass.



have you ever tried looking at him in a deep trace state?


No, unfortunately he always ridiculed my beliefs and magick, so I never practiced anything around him. But, I can tell you he got so angry once that I saw his eyes shift. But for the most part, he didn’t display emotion often, so that only happened once.


I’m not sure if that’s a valid way. I mean, if you had something more…
My advice, is to take notice how he acts.

Also, there’s a word of power that if something that isn’t human says, he will turn back to his original form (even if he doesn’t know that he’s not a human). Thoth said this word of power is great. He just has to say it out loud, with a clear voice. Not loud nor quiet, in a normal tone.
That word is “Kinninigan” (Kin - in - ig - an)

The rulers of Atlantis once a year were standing before their people and were saying this word so that the people would know that the rulers are humans. Only a human can say this word. If he says it correctly, like I wrote above, with a normal tone and a clear voice (just to make sure) and he has great difficulty doing that or he just starts to changes to another form, then he’s not a human being.

Also, know that as far as I know, reptilians don’t display emotions. If they do, it’s probably fake. They also have some kind of special aura or energy around them…but I don’t really know if that’s true.


I’ll try that sometime. I took notice of how he acts for ten years, cold, controlling, and completely uncaring. Get this, he has been officially diagnosed as a sociopath, because when he was finally forced to see a psych, he told her he doesn’t care about anything, has no feelings, and wouldn’t care if the whole world went up in flames, including his own children.

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What about your children? Are they fully human?

That’s a good question, Shadowdoctor. One of them is very much like him, and they are his children after all. But, they are my children, too, and I love them and can only hope to guide them to be better than him. Hoping the one doesn’t turn out completely like him. I worry.

Like you said they are part of you as well. Use the word of power as described above. Also seek help from spirits to learn the truth of your children and also how to suede them more on the human path.

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I will try the word. And I have made it my life’s mission to guide my children in the human way, and will continue to do so, even though I fear I’ve already lost the battle with one. I won’t give up, though.


If they are reptilians, you need to show them that the light is the only way to ascend. We all know that Atlantis was powerful, however when darkness came to them, they tried to ascend out of greed, they wanted more. The result was the end of all 10 islands except Unal.

Remember that not all reptilians are against humanity. Out of the 3 reptilians races, two are neutral towards us and they don’t have the same agenda as the one enemy race. However, even in the enemy race, I’ve heard of cases of reptilians caring for humans. However, they seem to have emotion.
You should try to save them since you care for them. However, remember that, that race is the enemy, they will try anything to end us. They use human bodies simply because it’s convinient for them. They don’t care if they take the form of a loved one or what.

I’m just trying to say that you should be careful, if what you’re saying ends up being true!

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Thanks for the information, Manosman. It has taken me years to piece all of this together by myself, so the information you’re giving me are more of the pieces I’ve been looking for.

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Can i ask you how you got this word ?

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And yes, that’s part of the problem is I don’t know much about the different reptilian races. All I know is that he, and my children, are of the Astor line. And I don’t know which race that is for sure, although I can take a wild guess.

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The Astor bloodline once was linked witht he illuminati. However, that’s not bad. The illuminati wasn’t a bad organization. They believed that they could fuse science with religion and that they could stop the fighting between those two. In the end, the elites had different agendas. They entered the organization and gave it a bad name.

Illuminati exists no more. The new world order isn’t the illuminati, that’s masonry with the new meaning of that word, the meaning they created for it.

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Thoth spoke of that word. He’s an expert when it comes to words of power. I know some of them.

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I agree with you. My research has led me to the same conclusion.

I could go on and on about this family, and how I unknowingly was set up for this arranged marriage, but suffice it to say, it is what it is, and like you said, I will be very careful, and do my best to guide my children away from what they’ve been born and bred into.

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Thanks for the word. I really like Thoth, i only know the power words he gave in the tablets tho… I quite remember that tablet about those who roamed the earth in the past hiding looking like men ( reptillians /shapeshifter ) and i was wondering about this word wich i didnt see in tablets: if it existed or were symbolic

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@Mr.Ruubs137 It’s that one word, but it’s a bit hard to find at first.

@elena You should do your best and ask help if you need. However, you should first see if your theory is true.

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Wait can somebody explain the races to me? Why are 2 not “evil” and the other hates humans? How do you know if someone is a lizard ? Why even lizards haha

Sorry but I never had anything to do with conspiracy theories :sweat_smile: