For all my pals having a bad day today

Hey everyone, after days of breaking curses, I went to another city a couple of days back for work which means I was away from the witch bottle and my protective home/office zone.

When I came back day before yesterday I felt tired and worn out and my eyes were burning.I didn’t realise that the old curses were attacking again but I was wise enough to take a bath with ordinary salt.

Today was the worst.My heart beat all day.I realised some old bad energies are at work again.

I was so sleepy I had wake myself up again.It was not until later the evening I realised something needed to be broken.It was snubbing me badly.

I took a pail of water and added 5 ammonia drops and some herbs to it.I did a banishing intention and poured the water on me.

After ten minutes, the yawning is gone and so is the pessimism.
For all my friends here, I cannot stress upon physical banishing enough.

Even if it means we add some salt and a tiny drop of ammonia to our shower gels. And despite our laziness (being a pregnant mom I get lazy for showers), taking a shower every single day would help in a proper banishing of stuff around us.

I just learnt a valuable lesson today.Banish pessimism and small time attacks from enemies still lingering around in our atmosphere through water and a couple of ammonia drops.I even added some drops of cedar wood oil to the pail.

Whatever negative is pinning us down needs to be battled.

Also please brace yourselves, 3 more days to the mercury retrograde and then we are meeting Saturn retrograde on the 18th of April.A lot of banishing is required in advance.Jupiter will still be in retrograde till July, so we need to be extremely careful and magically protective of our lives till then.

bottom line : We mages can achieve everything, just that we should promise ourselves not to give up.

ps. We should really be regular with our banishing showers.They help.Trust me.


Thank you very much for sharing this, I had several difficult days, but since today in the morning I have been cleaning my energy several times and I feel better today at night I do the banishing that you shared, I think it will be very helpful, thank you. :blush:


The trick is to understand that the lazier you feel the more the opposition is bringing you down x

Don’t let your astral enemies win x banish them with ammonia and rituals x

In other words x do what you plan to do later , right now

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Good advice. This make sense, i feel lazy to banishing my house, now i know that is the important do a complete banishing in my house today.

Im in one now talking to the demons… having a glass of wine.

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I banished 14 hours after a course i felt like I wanted the entities to feel what I was fighting for. of course I felt it necessary to banish after the dropping off at the cemetary

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See in the last few days I have seen the best of us panic unnecessarily and some even said they felt punished for being a part of BALG.

I would urge my friends to avoid using their own photos and full names here x I use my astral name because it keeps my enemies from attacking me x

Balg is the best thing to exist since ages, we need to preserve it and keep our forum pest free.

Although I would request our amazing Mr Koetting to please do an overall banishing on the logo of the forum so the parasites can stay away.


Yes I agree! A physical banishing is very important. I’ve been using 1tbsp mustard seed, 1tbsp sea salt, 1tbsp baking soda, and 1tbsp sugar as a shower scrub… also used a glass of water with a silver cross in it by my doors and windows plus a lemon-grass/ammonia floor wash as a home protectant. Works well for most issues I’ve came across. For any and all planetary effects. I use a sigil of the planet, and leave offerings to the deities to ease up on the negative effects… I also redirect those energies so they don’t stay pent up… ex… Saturn has been a bitch to me lately as I am in my Sadi Sati phase… so I’ve made a pact with Saturn to ease up in exchange for daily offerings and rituals of ceremony. I’ve been good these days, but before that… I’d have issues with authority figures… ie… my bosses, poe-poe, and relationships… now I’m good though… only issues are allergies whenever a planet crosses Saturn that it doesn’t agree with… but I found ways around that.


If you are in sade sati, the retrograde should be good for you as a relief?


You’re correct. But not much of a relief… I’m nearing the end of it as of this year or the next… and retrograde is just empowering me… that’s when I’ve decided to join this forum lol. Finally, almost done with it… it’s like a shitty puberty I never had.


I have been feeling the effects of retrograde planets also, kinda a stagnant energy which I’m unable to break. Have tried several approaches but almost nothing. Keep strong guys!


Why ammomnia? I have heard of it before, but never looked into it, and you are the first to mention it that I can ask. Also, good results? I’m always looking to up my banishing skills.

Ammonia can literally break any curse or magic if used to wash a premises or the human body.

you can add salt too but ammonia is the strongest for banishing especially for black mages.

Tried and tested.I even use it to wash our door mats to keep bad mojo away.

few drops are fine x I think Jason /Miller speaks of it too in protection and reversal magic.


Not to be crude, but I wonder if that is the factor going on with pee in some witch bottle formulas. The aromatization into ammonia…


I have peed under the doormats of my house… Kinda funny


Pee is the most natural and potent form of ammonia x especially morning pee x


Marking your territory … cool!


I have been using Ammonia for years now, it is really effective!


First instinct is YUCK. But if it works…🤷

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I was disgusted too, but hey only my own bodily fluid can protect me.There must be some astral science to that.

But believe me, its tried and tested. 2-3 weeks I was so sick and my hands were trembling.After removing the curse I am running all around the house cleaning it in preparation for my expected new born baby and have also had a few small financial openings to pay the bills.

Someone really wanted me and my baby dead to have kept me on bed all poor and sick for 8 months.Took me 8 months to realise I was under attack.