For A Specific Female

I was sleep until just now and had a dream.

I was exorcising a 20 yr old Latina chick that was struggling with a violent posession and counseled her.

To whoever you are:

Young Lady,
You had a mass of Death Curses in you that combined into one Slenderman like entity, with Tendrils going everywhere.

This Death spirit was made through sheer hate and Will with no focus, which is why the posession symptoms were so erratic.

From 10:33 pm, CST time until 12:59 am, CST time I fought that MF and got him out of you…in my sleep.

Be more careful about whom you piss off and make sure you do not have any links to the people trying to mess with you.

You are 20 yrs old
In Brazil
You get your nails done every week almost
Molatto Skin
Curly Blonde hair
Nice tits, 36 D
Nice Waist
Somewhat big ass
And you’re into magic.
You may or may not have glasses.

This thing was trying to kill you and after I went to sleep, you either called my name or something. But to be clear, I was evoked full strength and dragged to the fight.

Shield ya self.

Hit me up if help is needed.

And I want my fucking Cherry Pepsi for this shit too, Latina :ok_hand::love_you_gesture::smiling_imp::joy::rofl: