Food in relation to magical powers

So this will be quite a personal post but I thought that now its the end of winter, I got nothing to lose but belly fat and dry skin and maybe more people would be wanting some change or inspiration…

I have been a grand slouch the last 3 months, not really feeling much excitement for life in general. Winter isolation, lockdowns, world affairs, personal affairs and what not affecting my normally quite positive energy and I needed a change. I had booked a holiday to the Middle East to get some sunlight, but I do not even feel like going into the sun currently so I am cancelling that because of the slouch mood and looking the part.

I’m a firm believer of food affecting magical powers as it aids in either heightening or lowering your vibration. To test this out I have been a fruitarian in the past to see what it did and I had good effects, but I love normal food too much to ever keep up with that lifestyle unless I would be living on a tropical island so nowadays I am just a vegetarian but overal diet wise I have been eating mostly junk all winter with a lost veggie here and there on top of a pizza. Of course my normally good skin is now not good, I am lazy, my magick stagnated, I feel it is not in a line up any longer.
I’m usually strong in astral projection and self inducing this, but two nights ago I did my work and i just didnt seem to be able to go over the edge of pulling myself out, I was close a lot, just not happening. If that is not working, then nothing might be working, ALARM BELLS

What am I doing wrong… Well, a lot. I drink numerous coffees every day, lots of sugar, chips, no fruit, barely any vegs, not enough water, my house is as dark as a cave. It’s all very not me, I used to be beauty and health obsessed, do modelling and fitness and right now I am obsessed with indoor work mostly and not looking in the mirror and snacking too much, typing this out makes me feel… weird.

Anyways why did I started writing this… because I just felt a tiny change in my brain, a micro shift, after forcing myself to eat 2 oranges, it is like the tiniest fog got cleared up and then I realised, F… what have I been doing to myself.
Depriving myself of nutrients to the point life has just gone so bland, since when do witches have bland lives… I have bought 30 oranges lol, I will eat them all this week. Not a lot of variation I know but they were on sale, so I will also need to make some salads but it is a start to getting high vibrational foods in as well as beetroot juice, avocado juice and chlorophyll powder.

Anybody else having experience on this matter…? any favourite foods to have your senses open, or vibration rise? I heard tumeric can help.
Any demons/ spirits that can assist with this or with fitness? Glamour magick you had good results with? I like to see/hear new things and experiences. For glamour magick I have mostly been working with the graces, as a trinity form through Hekate. I had asked for a smaller waist once, then had immense pain in my waist for 3 days and definitely had a smaller look to it, but it wasn’t gentle on the body.




I’ve been working with Haagenti to be more disciplined and have self-control. Plenty of other spirits can help with this. In fact, fitness and beauty is next on my list after some money magick I’ll be doing. I’d also suggest Archangel Raphael.

Magick aside, drop anything containing sugar and caffeine. Keto worked wonders for me but it can get boring (I never gained the weight back though). Make sure you cook as much as you can yourself, even bread, cookies, etc, get creative to the point where you enjoy cooking and sharing more than the act of eating itself. Prep your weekly meals on the weekend so you have them ready.

Get used to reading labels and nutrient tables before purchasing anything. If it’s got sugar, don’t buy it. Also try the app My Fitness Pal to count daily calories and macros.


If you eat healthy, you feel good. If you exercise, you feel good. If you feel good from that, it’ll carry over into the rest of your life and you’ll have more energy, less nausea and bloating and uggggh, and a clearer and more energetic mind means clearer and more energetic magick.

I did keto for a couple months and lost some weight, but I don’t do it anymore, and I’d say the greatest value really beyond the like 10-20 pounds I lost is making the new eating habits really solid. If you do keto, you really have to control yourself to not fuck it up. But if you succeed in that, then you know for a fact that you can do it.

Now I just eat fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meat/fish, eggs, peanut butter, wheat bread, hummus (peppers to dip, not chips), chocolate milk after workouts/runs and dark chocolate as desert, cause I just couldn’t give up chocolate. It’s like, just eat healthy foods. For something so complicated, it’s like really not complicated at all, like at all. Nothing processed, like sausages or deli meats, no tons of added sugars like milk chocolate (not to be confused with chocolate milk), no chips or candy or soda or that stuff. I do like one cheat day cause whatever I’m not an insane crazy person.

It’s amazing, now I feel great. I get so many flavors with so many nutrients and vitamins and shit, I feel satisfied all day with my food consumption, I have great energy to exercise and do stuff, my body looks better, I feel better, I just can’t go back now. Disease? How about, fuck you? I got so many VITAMINS and MINERALS and OMEGA-3-FATTY-ACIDS fucker.

Life changes dramatically when you get high off a run three times a week and crush a workout three times a week and sip on some delicious chocolate milk afterwards. I recommend a foam roller as well, in addition to stretching. You do this, you take immaculate fiber dumps, and you feel light as a feather yet strong and sturdy.

Not exactly magickal advice, but the better you feel, the better your magick will go cause you have natural feel good chemicals in your brain and your gut helping you make good life decisions and see things more expansively, rather than constricted in doom and despair.

But I have to cooooooookkkkkk. My reward is a delicious, nutritious, and energizing meal.

Or you could eat gigantic burgers every day with 500 fries and a milkshake, never get off the couch, feel constantly uneasy and sick, struggle to walk 10 feet, let alone 10km, and probably get some nasty diseases in your later life from lack of nutrients and like, vitamins and minerals and shit because your body needs these chemicals to keep the meatsack systems working properly. Fruit prevents scurvy, and all that. Very different scenario than crushing workouts and sipping chocolate milk.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the sex money power stuff with magick, and then it just makes stuff like this better, and all these little positive changes sprinkled throughout your life make such a huge difference. I just love chocolate what can I say. Dark chocolate, cause the ice cream is for cheat day.

You could also tempt fate with sugar, maybe get away with it. But is that a door you really want to re-open?


I’m being guided towards a high raw lifestyle. A good portion of the videos I watch on YouTube are by fruitarian raw foodists. Right now I’m a junk food vegan who needs do better.

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I’d totally eat healthier but unfortunately rising prices make it difficult. That’s partially why I’m starting a garden, but I’m not plant-savvy enough to really do anything too big yet.

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oh yes I have been looking into a garden as well to combat this issue of future food shortages, climate wise im not in the best area but I should still be able to grow something over summer. To combat the prices I try to eat healthy with what’s on sale and instead of buying one small box of blueberries I buy 30 oranges for the same price. Soups are also a good way to have more veggies whenever the day comes there is an abundance of veggies :smiley:

It’s definitely good to detox your body, however long term I have never seen anyone sustaining on it, seeing skin wrinkling a lot in others. I’m too vain to have that happen to me, so I want to look at the golden balance here. I decided to be raw and on fruit everyday until 1pm, then have brown bread with high proteins and good fats for lunch and a light meal, like a salad in the evening. the bread can have soup too. I lose weight quiet easily when I do not eat junk so that is one advantage.

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haha, this is amazing you feel this great, that is how life should be and this is exactly how I want to feel again, too. I have done 24 hours so far and I seriously already feel lots better, even my glow seems to have partly returned, so I am like what is happening… I am very sensitive to changes I so looking forward to the rest of the week. The scare of disease definitely plays a role, too. I have had covid in November and that is actually when it mostly started, and since I do not smell or taste anything, food suddenly was very different in my life and of less importance.

Yes, the magick part just flows a lot easier, the density of junk food weighs a lot of the energy down, or at least makes you in such a vibration that you are not going towards your highest potential…

I will look into Haagenti, thanks for that. The name has come to me before but never done actual work with this spirit. Together with money magick sounds like perfect preparation, the discipline should come easier too once Aries season starts, at least for me as I give importance to that. Cooking I love to do, and is definitely something I need to get in a habit of again, from daily cooking I went to twice a week max now, and then it is mostly pasta. Keto wouldn’t be for me, I don’ like anything that feels too restricted or like a “diet” although the caffeine and sugar definitely needs to stop, it is so addictive and dries out the skin, I have changed it for green tea now and chlorophyl water which is supposed to help with many of the issues I am dealing with, skin, weight, detox, mood. I also put olive oil all over my body then added chlorophyll powder on top and thought some good thoughts for the health and glow of my skin while rubbing the powder which acted as a scrub, that I definitely recommend if you want overal skin improvement/softness.

I used to be raw til 4 but had a bad reaction to bananas. I’ve been learning how to make green smoothies with things like mango instead. I also need to buy another juicer so I can make carrot juice again.

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Yeah this should be personally crafted, also wise to look at the fruit combo’s, some do not fair well together and create problems in the stomach. For green juice benefits you could start with the simple chlorella drops, as it supposed to contain the leafy green contents you are after. I did the bananas thing too in like 2012, I actually felt quite good those days but I was way younger, so hard to compare to 2022.

The real benefits are in the lighter blood as this is what makes your vibration lighter, too. Beetroot is known to aids the blood, so I make this for a juice mixed with strawberries or other berries, with some milk make it can taste pretty good. I was on a 13 month streak of this first until my blender broke down and I remember especially the first weeks how much it benefitted my clairs and almost instant manifestation…

—Goes to shop to buy blender

I was diagnosed with gout a couple months ago and Doc suggested I eat same diet but less, and I was 260 lbs, now I eat only lunch (50 grams rice and 50 grams protein and 100 grams vegetables) and drink 4.5 liters water mixed with non concentrated juice 14 parts water 1 part juice, 2 doses of 15 ml chlorophyll mixed with 500 ml water everyday and my weight is at 200 lbs

now also I now have many superhuman abilities from all the extra energy that usually is spent on digestion.

I feel great now, maybe once all the fat is gone I’ll have to eat more maybe

This is just my story and not suggesting anyone else do this diet as it breaks all the diet rules!

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Wow, speak about progress, that is really impressive discipline… I would guess that whenever you are hungry the water intake kind of fills you up or do you experience hunger on such low calories? I like that you are also on the chlorophyl boat…

I’m interested to know more about the superhuman abilities :smiley:

So you juiced raw beet root or was it cooked? There is a grocery chain by me that sells freshly juiced drinks made on site. I can only find things like 32oz carrot or celery, although their website advertises a 64oz beet root/celery/carrot combo.

Freshly juiced carrots tastes so much better than the pasteurized stuff in the regular juice area. And I need to get a new blender too. I remember my old one couldn’t handle greens.

I definitely feel my Spirit team is pushing me toward yoga, sunlight and a better diet.

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No hunger at all I eat lunch just so my body gets some nutrients, I think the juice mix helps lots if I don’t drink them I get hungry, plus I have a 600 ml coffee with 100 ml almond milk in the morning which helps too

I recently had some eczema on my hand from maybe cat or soil or many other things which is why I started the Chlorophyll then I just kept doing it because it felt awesome

For the Superhuman Abilities my sex drive went through the roof, I always seen spirits or ghosts everywhere since I was young, and recently been able to communicate with them, specifically people I personally know that have died, some recently and others decades ago, I’ve been able to go to the other world where they are, its almost like being popped through a hole into their world, kind of like popping open a champagne bottle. this all happened at night with eyes open but I wasn’t present in this world, only present in their world. doubts came up at the beginning about the ability to do it (not mine but they where streaming by) and I confirmed that I have infinite abilities which at that point if I would have agreed with the doubts probably nothing would of happened. Another instance was My friend recently died from drug overdose and its been years since I talked to her, (avoided talking to her) so it was sweet that I had the opportunity to talk to her after her death.

I also recently started studying Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Psychokinesis

Can you Recommend your favorite Training Books?

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I get packed beets from the store and I then can use in the blender, I am in doubt now whether they’re raw or maybe semi cooked. I have a juicer but I hate cleaning it and these always were fine in my normal quality blender. Beets are really amazing, I had put my friend on it too last year and after some weeks she started to glow like a glow worm, imagine what it does to one’s energetic field.

Right now I am working on my eye sight with oranges by charging the oranges for me to have better eyesight. I know it is all in my head, as whenever I did psychedelic substances in the past my eyesight would be back to normal and I would see everything. In my head I know which button to push to have it restore, the difficulty is to push it deep enough while sober and how to automate this and make it permanent but It is definitely possible so working on that now :smiley: The fruit and veggies definitely can be asked to help with this, I think one of the advantages of talking to high vibrational food is that it is alive and is able to store your messages in it’s dna and high water content and so be of help.

Yoga, diet and sunlight, golden triad, bikram works like the middle pillar on me. Wishing you good luck on this journey ★

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Really enjoy reading your experiences and how this was accelerated by diet. Like a portal opened, even though it was always there for you, just now more accessible as you removed some of your own density.
Diet helps me a lot with mindset. I literally become cranky and insecure when eating bad food, naturally I am not like this at all, if anything I might be more “delusional” and usually anything is possible in my books.
It’s been a couple days for me now, and I see and feel noticeable changes in myself already, my energy is slowly changing back to the real me, my face is more even in colour, I woke up and it looked like I wore make-up on my skin, the redness I had developed over winter is totally gone. Also what has been significant is that I am working on a tech project and an issue i was trying to solve since some months that I just didn’t seem to “get”, I suddenly solved this week without blinking an eye. The changes are happening, so I will try some astral work this weekend again.

For books oof, there is a lot for beginners, but not much is advanced. For psychic abilities and clairvoyance I enjoy the work of Debra Katz, she is love and light, non the less her structured work is effective and easy to read, she got two books on training psychic abilities and lots of experience.
For Astral Travel, I know there are books out there, I have never read any though, I just do what I do, whatever I do is just self taught/spirit induced in general.

In the end the same thing applies for all abilities, to be able to focus while being totally relaxed. Making the subconscious running consciously. This is the dynamic for anything in spiritual work and meditation helps most. I like “The Gateway Experience” tapes, too. They’re all on YouTube and with this training you can tap into these subjects you’re interested in.

Katz says in the tools section Chapter 10 of the first book to combine Earth energies with Cosmic energies so envisioning a continuous stream (column like stream 1 meter diameter continuously increasing the flow) of earth energy for the lower chakras circulating through the lower body and cosmic energy for the higher chakras circulating through the higher body meeting at the heart chakra and shooting out the chest into a sphere force field surrounding the body with earth and cosmic energies swirling inside the sphere force field growing in size to hold all the energies. Of course any blocks are immediately destroyed by the everlasting powerful stream of earth and cosmic energies.

The new way of eating integrated with the new ways of living setting life in a new path of massive development of the Psychic Powers fulfilling every part, the missing pieces are now found completing the whole existence, life is fulfilled now time for development of the being. A great exciting new chapter of being.

It’s amazing how things that seem impossible become common knowledge, “In order to achieve we must follow the greatness that allows us to be!” - between the quotes it just popped into my mind, like automatic writing.

Thank you for being here sharing the great news with great people, feeling the intense drive lifting you to new places in life, evolving every part of you far beyond the limits, breathing in the new exhilarating ether that opens all traps releasing the vital energies to complete your fabulous blissful wonderful being fully and completely.

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Today was the first day since studying Clairvoyance that I heard peoples thoughts, 2 people today one person being a 7 Eleven employee, I give 100% credit to the diet, nothing happens that fast from studying for a week or so… It just doesn’t happen!!

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Congrats on the progress… diet is often very overlooked when practicing psychic abilities… I do believe these parasites that are keeping us stuck to the junkfood mingle with our spiritual abilities and even prevent us from being open enough. It is very mental. Naturally I am open, but it is just not the same on healthy food and on junk food. on healthy food, the experiences are very positive for myself with a lot of luck and instant manifestation and just looking almost angelic.
I’m on this for 9 days now and I have been feeling and looking a lot lighter and healthier myself, even though I am not eating that much less, just no junk and no more unlimited snacking. and lots of vegetables and good carbs. My mind feels less “hijacked” depression seems almost gone, skin has cleared up a lot and actually glows.
The diet can be improved a lot still, but I did not want to put myself in the deep immediately as I know I will quit easier then, so I still consumed coffee. Today I feel ready to have my first day without coffee, that is actually the hardest part as I had gotten so used to it. I haven’t noticed any magical change from this diet, but the changes that are there will definitely bring in the changes I am looking for, so it is just a matter of time and pushing through, removing these veils I have knowingly put over my eyes. Energetically the change is gradually becoming noticeable, today was the first day I woke up and took a shower immediately instead of waiting till noon or so and I have picked up a little more work this week… I have been thinking to get some psychedelics and do very targeted healing and opening work on myself