Food for thought and casual convo

Its been some years now that I 've been a practitioner and ofc a student of the occult and magickal arts in general, for the past decade and more I 've witnessed and lived through things most would consider unnatural, supernatural, and straight out impossible. Magic and occult, in general, is a wonderous path feeling with pain, joys, uncertainty, and anticipation. So to keep this short here it is:

Why is it although we can achieve fame, money, lust/love and other things through magic we cant grasp things that magic should be able to do such as:

Healing mortal wounds not spontaneously but specifically and within range

Speak perfectly other languages through possession or otherwise (Not glossolalia)

Telekinesis in a large scale (yeas after years of practicing not just a few months)

Answer questions about others

Find if someone is lying accurately

Manifest results faster

those are questions that most of us did while we were newbs and during our early years in practice, but there are still times that the above questions and even more pop out and say to me:

“Why? Why can’t you? Why won’t they? (spirits), why they can’t do it?”

Why it is that we don’t witness regularly spirits/demons/etc do things of extraordinary measures?
Is it us? Are we not practicing enough? Are we not studying enough? or all of this is a facade that most of them keep up, to0 keep us in slumber to think that they have control over us, to make us feel lesser about our capabilities?

This is a random rambling and I wanted to share my thoughts so we can all have a casual chat about the nature of magick that stems from demons, celestial, and chthonic spirits or otherwise.

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Most of that is because the human mind is unbelieving and closed to these possibilities. I’ve found if you convince yourself it’s possible the world of the impossible will open to you.

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Thats true for most things, I agree, but certain things are about resulots rather than make believe psychology, thank you for your input its much appreciated~

Bro keep posting your journeys to the outer world man… And how can these entities help someone in our realm? And how do they differ from the demons/gods

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Much food for thought. I ask myself a lot of the same questions, especially when I hear the spirits telling me its possible and I can. Is it the fault of the spirits? Is it a fault of mine? Is it both? I actually got into a pretty severe argument lasting a few days with Lucifer and Belial over just this. Would the spirits lie? I have a hard time believing that after connecting with them so deeply but I have to look at reality…

As for speaking other known languages, that is known as Xenoglossia and I have isolated moments of it within my larger practice of glossolalia. I stopped looking into a while ago though because that takes up way too much time in google translate.

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Yes I agree, I ve been in arguements too, seems to me that they have no way of maing one person speak perfectly a language that he or she does not know in any way. I ve experiemnted o this with ppl willing to be possesed as well, nothing came out except from sponatneous glosolalia saying nonsense.

I’d love to, but lately I am busy with work and University so I dont journey often. No worries though, I ll share what I have experienced and lessons I got from them, good or bad.

Even trained remote viewers and shamanic healers have difficulty getting exact letters and numbers in their own language, it seems to be nigh-on universal block. :thinking:

Divination can reliably do those, the Book of Fate for example is very good on whether someone is trustworthy, and all kinds of interpersonal stuff (that are not romantic, love is the Book’s weakest area of accuracy).

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I’ve read that it is because Spirit (or whatever you want to call universal consciousness) is non-verbal and more proficient with images and emotions which is why we tend to get cryptic puzzles that we have to decode lol


Ah yes the book of fate is golden but it has its caveats, Its been wrong a handful of times as it was right as well. I speak about spirit communication though, for the spirit to tell you: “He/she is lying, he/she did this!”
That kind of interaction, and dont get me wrong, I know that this has happened and can happen, the real question is: Why dont they aid me in such sinple tasks (Answer a question for me or others accuretely etc, or reveal a hidden spot bla bla bla)

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Thats also true and I have 0 probs with images personally, still though, when its about answers, you get a clusterfuck of cryptic bs most of the time.


Utility, bro… Utility… There is a, post on asTAROTh answering, such questions… When something is really, valid… Trust, me the, dead can, be, resurrected…
These entities can, so such… I have witnessed miracles… Just, that, they are, intelligent beings who have a, grand plan and if certain, requests of the op don’t, coincide with their agenda, Prolly, won’t happen

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Such hings, take an, abundance of energy, and I personally believe (my two cents)… That these beings(the infernal, mostly)… Are waiting for a, collective evolution of consciousness for such “miracles”…to become prevalent… That would be the only explanation since its make things, easy on a quantum perspective where almost, everyone believes and practise magick… These events wouldn’t be therefore considered (subconsciously that is)… So abnormal… And would be easier to execute… These beings are beyond miracles I swear… Remember this the mind is, one… The subconscious is, one… And even the little acts, of magic we, accomplish (the coincidences)…in this, aeon should be, considered as miracles to pull since a, lot of belief is totally against these things… But result are leveled to appoint where they become almost, normal, and may even bypass the eye of the magician himself/herself

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So utility… I’m pretty certain if you’re a, real, consistent practitioner and find yourself cornered by let’s say, a, serial killer and you invoke let’s say Andras you will most, definitely survive that scene… In a, very miraculous way… I mean if adrenaline can make us do amazing things don’t you trust an entity can make you, slay 10serial killers with your bare hands…

While I agree with you and your perspective I have lived and done my fair share of experementations and practice, if we believe in their secret agenda then yes I or my fellow practitioners are not for their plans most probably as the tests we’ve done were to the xtremes. Believe me we ve taken multiple bullets from perpetrators even with sigils painted on us. I am not trying to de-validate what you’ve just said, itis true those being can choose to intervene, but they rarely do so but are happily accepting the offerings for things undone (even small things) and then the blame is shifted to the “inexperienced” magician. All I am saying is that since you can call on spirits and work with them in a manner of give and take, after years of practice and have seen equally miraculous and terifying things to stupidly deceiving ones, the questions still remain. Thank you so much for your input and for sharing your thoughts ~